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Let’s be honest- being a mom is a hard job.  Yes, parenting is full of rewards but it is also full of many challenges. Parenting on the hard days is real.  Not every day is filled with smiles, bubbles & pillow-forts, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy our days nonetheless.    Sometimes, we just need some encouragement from someone else who has been there or is in the thick of it as well!

motherhood on the hard days

(1) Move past survival mode as a mom and start to thrive.  Live every day for what it is worth, don’t get stuck in the day to day, ignoring what is in front of you.  Thrive in motherhood, even when it is hard.

(2) Learn to be your child’s fan not their critic.   Encourage your child every day & support them when you can.

(3) Let go of those moments of anger so that you can be the mom your children need.   Stop yelling and start talking.

(4) Moms have great influence right in their very homes.   Remember that.  Your child hears your words & it becomes their inner voices. 

(5) Start to press pause so that you can have strength for your day.

(6) Find ways to make every child feel important– even in a large family!   We do our special one on one time & it is the best gift that we give to our children.

(7) Motherhood may not be what you expected it to be, but that’s OK.  Embrace it for what it is and you will be even happier than you ever imagined.

(8) Create space for yourself as a person.  Have a spot or an activity that lets you unwind for the day.  My place is my back porch swing… I could sit out there all day (or at least for 20 minutes after the kids are asleep!)

(9) Children can make us better people in the most unexpected ways.    Be grateful for the change.

(10) Focus on letting go of mom guilt- not letting it consume you.  You aren’t perfect.  Don’t expect to be.

(11) Learn to love the less than ideal parts of motherhood.   You can still love being a mother even when the cards are stacked against you this day, or this week, or this month.   Don’t give up on them.

(12) Teach your children empathy by being an example.

(13) Embrace the moments rather than constantly functioning in fast forward mode.

(14) Remember to take your eyes off yourself and notice others- share some kindness!

(15) Take time to read together every day as a family.

(16) You are not the only overwhelmed mom– there is hope!

(17) The hardest parenting days are ultimately some of the best days.

(18) Encourage creativity in your children.   It is ok for them to be bored- that’s when the best things happen!

(19) Embrace the differences of those around you and cheer each other on!  Remember that we don’t all parent the same, so do what you can & love you for being you.

(20) Focus on being fully present with your children.

(21) Even the unexpected and hard moments can teach us so much about life.

(22) Start loving being a mom instead of struggling with the role.

(23) Keep doing what you are doing.  You are teaching your kids through example.

(24) Your children may have different struggles than you expected.

(25) Accept that balance looks differently as a mom.

Motherhood is full of such a range of emotions, struggles, and joys. What are some parenting tips or pieces of encouragement that have helped you along the way?

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I’m Becky, a former elementary school teacher turned certified child development therapist and blogger. I work at home with my husband and together we are raising (and partially homeschooling) our four children in the Carolinas. I love diet coke, ice cream, and spending time with my family.

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