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Building a home your family will want to come home to.

Every moment of every day is yours to do with as you wish.   I wish to make the most of my days – to fill them with joy, love, and family.   As a mother, wife, daughter, sister, teacher, therapist, and friend… I’m here to help you find the way to have your best moments, too.    

When you land on Your Modern Family’s Homepage, you’ll find stories of family, motherhood, health, and marriage. 

You’ll find activities to share with your kids, ideas for trips & vacations, ways to save money, easy recipes to share with your family, and ideas for organizing your home (so you can spend less time on things & more time on people).

Hi! I’m Becky…

our family - 4 siblings

I am a wife, a mother, an elementary school teacher, and a child developmental therapist. I believe that every day is the perfect day to build a strong relationship with your family.

I believe that it is the goal of all of us to have strong, close, trusting, and loving relationships… the kind of relationships that give our children & spouse a reason to want to come home each day… the kind of relationships that make us want to come home each day. The kind of relationship that makes you say, “I wish ____ was here to share this with me!”

One study done at UCLA found that the more stuff was in a woman’s house, the higher her level of stress hormones.

It’s possible.

It starts now… today. Every moment matters. You can and will have the kind of home that your family wants to come home to – today, tomorrow, and always. It begins with you.

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Our Story…

In middle school, I was introduced to Mickey. While I was over-the-moon at first glance, he told his friends that I “talk too much.” (Not to worry- he got used to it! haha!)

Over the next few years, we became best friends. Then, a few years later, in 9th grade, he asked me to be his girlfriend, in front of my house one evening. The rest is history.

We were engaged in the summer going into our junior year of college. Two years later, after graduation, we were married. Our wedding was in the summer of 2004, in our hometown, near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


We moved to North Carolina that same summer, bought our first house, and had our first jobs out of college. It wasn’t long before we realized that we were ready to start a family.

We have four kids…

Making mom laugh!

While teaching second grade, I was excited to learn that I was going to become a mother! Our oldest son was born in 2006 (and I became a stay at home mom.) We then had a baby every two years (with one loss).

2006:Our oldest son was born (Jack) & I left my job as a 2nd-grade teacher.
2008:We welcomed another beautiful baby boy (Beau) and I earned my certification to become a part-time child development therapist, AKA, play therapist.
2010:We had our third sweet son (Ethan).
2012:We welcomed our baby girl (Allie Elizabeth).
Becky Mansfield Family

Our Shop

I love to share our experiences with others. You can find my books & shop here. I’ve also created courses to help with decluttering and parenting hurdles.

Yourmodernfamily courses

One of my favorite things is the set of Swap Screentime For Chores cards. These help to give our kids opportunities to learn to do their work before they play.

Cards to swap chores for screen time by yourmodernfamily

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