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You have the gift to teach your child empathy. Teach them to be kind to others even when it doesn’t benefit themselves.

A close up of a stuffed doll with text above it.

1. Be an example.
Help your child make their bed. Give a gift to someone that you love. You must be an example of kindness if you want your kids to be kind to others. My parents were always kind to others. They still are (and everyone tells me this). I have tried to be the same way.

One day when I way lying down with our son at night, he said “Mom, when you helped that man with the cane get out of his car yesterday, Daddy told us to look at you and watch how you helped others because he wants us to be like you.” You could have just stopped my heart right there – how sweet and great to know that they are watching your kindness even when you don’t know.

2. Ask the RIGHT questions.
Give your child the gift of listening and not judging. Stop asking questions such as “Who did the best today on your team?” Or “So, did everyone listen to the teacher in class today?” This focuses on competition. Instead, focus on kindness- “Tell me one nice thing that you did for a friend today.”

3- Show them.
Give a gift that is tangible. We recently ordered this (adorable) Isla Mermaid for Allie.
A close up of a stuffed doll wrapped in a blanket with a name tag on it.Her birthday is right around the corner and we knew that we wanted to give her something that mattered. Mickey and I took this opportunity to talk to the boys about something that we could give her as a family. We found it.

Meet Isla:
A stuffed doll with a tag with information on it.

Cuddle+Kind is a social endeavor created by a family of five on a mission to help feed children in need. For every cuddle+kind doll purchased, they will provide 10 meals to hungry children around the world, thanks to World Food Program USA and Children’s Hunger Fund.

A view of a back view of a stuffed doll.

They had 9 20″ (and now they have them in 13″ little form) cuddle+kind dolls to choose from…

A baby lying on a blanket with numerous stuffed dolls lined up beside the baby.

This was our favorite.
A stuffed doll sitting on a table with a tag attached to her.

Here is why… a tiny glimpse into Allie’s (mermaid) room:
A stuffed doll sitting on a table.
They were able to exceed funding and actually went on to launch an online store in February. How amazing.

A baby holding a two stuffed animals.

The best part? They have been able to feed over 200,000 meals to children in need. Their goal is to feed 1 million children in need in one year.
I think that they can do it. I have seem some truly amazing things and this is certainly going to be one of them…

A swaddled baby with two stuffed baby dolls on each side of her with text above her.

Hello world… meet the future generation. They can be anything that we raise them to be… and more.

Find more inspiration on their Instagram page, Facebook page or on Twitter.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of cuddle+kind. The opinions and text are all mine.

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