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We recently held a birthday party for this little girl- a Sofia the First party, because I wanted her to remember that she is very much a princess and that means being brave, confident and creative (like Sofia).

As part of the party crafts, each of the kids painted a picture on themselves being brave…  (we used colored shaving cream instead of paint for easy cleanup)

sophia party

Our kids are always watching us… I need to remember to always be the best example of what a person should be.

She watches me put on my jewelry and then she watches as I put this little amulet (that she got for her birthday from Walmart ) around her neck while I told her that she was kind and brave and confident like a princess and I want her to remember that when she looks at her necklace today. sophia the first Every day my daughter watches me when we are playing with her toys (she loves her Sofia the First toys from ToysRUs, Amazon, and Target.)

A little girl sitting on the floor playing with her mother.

She watches when I am Sofia the First and I show how I have qualities to make me a true princess.  I don’t talk about just beauty… I talk about kindness, courage, loyalty, honesty, generosity and forgiveness.

A little girl sitting on the floor smiling while playing with her mother.

She sees that.  She sees it in how I act “I am Sofia. Look! I see an animal in trouble!  We better help him!”  and she plays along wonderfully. sophia 2

How I will teach my daughter her true beauty -

Every day I have the power to fill her mind, hear, and soul with goodness, courage, confidence, and LOVE.

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  1. This is awesome and shows how we can set example for our children throughout the day….no mater what we are doing with them. Great post.