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Today’s post is by my dear friend, Keri.  She has written a book that I am so proud to share today.   She truly understands what it is like to be stuck in the day to day and even missing the bigger picture:

I never planned to be stuck in survival mode as a mom, but somewhere along the way it was where I was. My days were filled with potty training my toddler and attempting to calm my fussy newborn. The clock would slowly tick by until the magical hour of my husband’s return would arrive and I would sigh in relief. Day after day, the same routine occurred. The joy was zapped out of me and I started to believe the lie that many moms believe- being a mom means you will have to just survive. 

Step beyond survival mode and start to thrive as a mom

It is a lie that consumes many moms across the world and many times we all joke about living in survival mode. But if you are like me, I am guessing that deep inside you are wondering if maybe, just maybe there is more to motherhood than surviving. Maybe it is possible to thrive. 

When I was in the depths of diaper land survival mode, I reconnected with an old friend. She was a new mom of two little ones as well. We started to talk more and more about the struggles of motherhood and without even realizing it, we started to help each other climb out of the survival mode trap. Suddenly, I was not watching the clock for my husband’s return from work. Instead I was starting to thrive.

Moms, you can thrive. It just takes stepping out and deciding that enough is enough. As I started to learn how to thrive, I realized that I was caught up in trying to be what I thought was the perfect mom. I had to learn to embrace who I was as a person and stop trying to be everyone else.

There is only one person like me and there is only one person like you. Your kids need you- not you trying to be super mom- just the uniquely beautiful you. When we start to embrace who we are, we can start to thrive.  Look at your children today- they were gifted to you because you are the perfect mom for them. They need your unique personality and gifts.

Even as we thrive, there are still moments of struggle and feeling like we are just surviving, but the key is that we are not living a life characterized by survival mode. Instead of being stuck in survival mode, we will know how to step out and thrive. That is the difference between just surviving and thriving as a mom.

This book (below) is for you if you feel like you are living in survival mode.  If you have grown weary of just getting by, a word of hope is just what you need. Motherhood holds so much joy. In Why Just Survive When You Can Thrive, you learn how you can live a thriving life as a mom. In just eight chapters, you will receive the tools and encouragement you need to thrive. It is time to move out of the depths of survival mode and step forward into the abundant life that God has called you to as a mom.  Get the paperback book here. 



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