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There are so many times when our kids can take what seems like an overwhelming situation and turn it into something beautiful. ¬† Our kids are wonderful individuals and we only need to see them for who they are to realize this. ¬† Today, I am partnering with Children’s MOTRIN¬ģ, to bring you a story of the power of family.

you have your hands full

The other day I was shopping with our kids and… well… picture this.

I am 4’11 with 4 kids grocery shopping (I add my height because it seems to give people the idea that because I am shorter, I am younger… so people seem to think that I am even more overwhelmed. ¬†hahaha!) ¬†¬†
So- I was grocery shopping with:
~ Our 9 year old son, walking beside me.
~ Our 7 year old son, riding on the bar on the back of the cart.
~Our 5 year old son sitting in the back of the cart, playing a game with our…
~ 3 year old daughter riding in the back, too.

The cart is filling up fast, which would normally be good, but when you already have two kids in the cart, it makes it a little harder to fit the groceries. ¬†(This is where I have to think “Is it better to get 1/2 of the groceries and be set for a few days or get all of them, but have to try to keep all four kids holding onto the cart for an extra thirty minutes?” ¬† I went for the first option. ¬†In and out with just what I needed to make it through the week.).

As I round the¬†pharmacy isle, needing a refill on Children’s MOTRIN¬ģ (I¬†choose to¬†partner with them for a reason… I love their product. ¬†Our son, E (the five year old), gets very high fevers, which bring on breathing problems (he has asthma), and with Children’s MOTRIN¬ģ we are able to keep it under control, while we wait for the virus to pass. ¬†We always have a full bottle at home, just in case.) ¬†So- I about about to grab my Children’s MOTRIN¬ģ when I hear someone talking to me from behind.

You¬†certainly do have your hands full, don’t you“.
I hear this one a lot. ¬†Often times, it comes when I look like this if we are at an amusement park or somewhere busy (I will be holding one on my hip & pushing one… or when I hold two on my hip)
ps- read my post about Why I still carry my kids. ♥

hands full
I don’t think that I have ever gone anywhere when I don’t hear this. (The kicker is that people will tell me this even when I only have two with me.¬†I normally say “Well, there are two more at home.” Imagine the look on their faces.

We¬†also hear it when we look like this ¬†(the 6 of us…)
mansfield family hiking
I usually just giggle or smile and say “Oh.. haha. ¬†Yeah, but it sure is fun!” (this is something that I’m sure my grandma would have said, too). ¬† ¬†Or I’ll say “Oh, yes. ¬†We’re busy, but I just love it.” ¬† Sometimes I even throw in “Oh- haha! ¬†Well, I was a teacher, so having four kids comes pretty easily after having a class of 27.”

What I really WANT to say is… YES- I HAVE MY HANDS FULL!

They are full of hugs.

They are full of kisses.

They are full of high-fives.

They are full of pictures made just for me.

They are full of art projects.

They are full of blankee and “B’s.”

They are full of little hands.

(you can grab this adorable bag… made by my friend… by clicking here)¬†


When people say this to me, I can normally tell what they mean.   They are thinking that I look very busy and that having four kids seems like a lot of work (and it is, but it is worth it!).   There are 2 types of people that say this:

1- The other Parents that can completely understand and appreciate this and know how great it is.

2- The people that think that having four kids seems overwhelming and how could I ever manage to keep them under control is a store… “Good luck” is what they are thinking!

Whatever the reason and whatever they are thinking, these hands are full and I wouldn’t have it any other way! ¬†¬†I like to think of it as a compliment, because you know what they say: ¬†Full hands… ¬†Full Heart.

Keep being Unstoppable!

unstoppable mom
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  • In addition, you can visit to learn more about how the makers of Children‚Äôs MOTRIN¬ģ are supporting literacy for those in need.¬†(See one-pager on Scholastic partnership for language to include in your blog post.)
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I have been compensated by, and received information and materials from, Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc., McNeil Consumer Healthcare Division, the makers of Children‚Äôs MOTRIN¬ģ. The opinions stated are my own. This is a sponsored post.

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  1. Amen! I have had this conversation with my husband so often. We have 3 kids under the age of 4 and we never fail to hear this when we are out. Thanks for sharing! I completely relate.

  2. I hear that comment nearly every time we go out. I just laugh it off because I never really know what people mean when they say it. Maybe they don’t know either, it’s just a remark you make, like asking about socialization when you talk to homeschoolers. Yes, I “have my hands full”, I have seven kids! I’m busy and life is crazy and it’s all so wonderful. Just wait till baby #8 arrives! ūüôā

  3. Thank you for this! I always wonder what to say when people tell me I have my hands full. I love the full hands, full heart comment! Thank you!

  4. I have 4, who are 11,7,6 and 3. This comment gets SO old, or maybe it is the look that usually comes with it! My response has always been, yes I do, but my heart is even more full! Usually changes their tone ūüėČ