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Moving can be challenging when you have children (trust me, I know!  We have moved three times since being pregnant and having children).

I have three friends that have just moved in the past two months… and they all have young children.
I asked each one of them for their best tips and I am going to share them with you today.   My hope is that you will find some moving tips & some ways to get organized in your new home!

# 1 is for YOU, the grown-up.   The rest of the tips are for your kids.

1).  GET IT TOGETHER!   The worst thing that you can do during a big move is to go in unprepared.  I would go with a company like Moveboxer.  They sort of do all of the work for you. (They research the best companies to provide moving services, like movers, mortgage, storage, home security, and more).  I didn’t know about this company during our first move, but I wish that I would have!

Before writing this post, I actually was able to communicate with Jennifer, the founder (see her video here), to talk about adding her company in this post, and let me just say she was so nice and seemed to be truly passionate about making a move easier.

I found a quick video on youtube to explain what it is:

Now that the parents are taken care of, let move onto the kids.

tips for moving with young-middle aged kids


2. Take your kids with you as you look for houses. If you can, it is best to take your kids with you.  They will get excited about the possibility of a move and the houses.   They will start to recognize things that THEY want in a new home (yard space, room size, even the colors on the walls). 

3. Let your child draw “blueprints” for their new space.  We did this with our children, as well.   We gave them a sheet of paper and my husband and I cut out miniature pictures of their furniture (beds, dressers, toy boxes) and let them paste them back on their paper wherever they wanted them to be.  They were designing their own rooms.   They love doing activities like this (here are some more kid activities)

4. Let your child help you pack.  Let them pack up their things – give them a special box for their most special things (trophies, notes, coins…)

5. Visit friends and take pictures before you go.  (Be sure to get addresses so your kids can be pen-pals.  This is so much fun for them!)

6. Make a diary of where you go along your move.    Where did you eat?  Take a picture and write about it.  Did you stop to go sight-seeing?  Write it down.  This is a great activity to keep the kids busy in the car (draw pictures of where they were) and also great to look back on in several years.

7. Make your last meal a special one.   Before our Grandparent’s house was officially ‘sold’, our family went there (Hilton Head Island) and had a weekend sleep-over.  We took sleeping bags and we ordered pizza.  We had a little picnic on the floor.  We went to all of our favorite places.   It was really fun to get to stay there one last time… bittersweet.

8. Now that you are all moved… its time to GET ORGANIZED IN YOUR NEW HOME!
The best thing that you can do is to get organized in your new home.   I recently read a great book, Organize Now.

If you are going through a move (or even if you are just ready to live clutter free), I recommend this book.   It is broken down into 52 weeks with things that you do each week to get organized & to de-clutter .

Here are the sections:

  • Organize Your Mind
  • Organize Your Time
  • Organize Your Stuff
  • Organize Your Health and Safety
  • Organize Your Spirituality

9.  Get a meal-plan idea before you move to make those first few weeks easier.  (You can use the Organize Now book, find a meal-plan and get started on it.)


~~~~~      If you need more organizing ideas for your new home… start here: ~~~~~

40 days of Organization

Day 1: Organize your refrigerator

Day 2 and Day 3: Organize your cabinets & drawers in your kitchen

Day 4: Organize your pantry

Day 5: Make a Home Command Center

Day 6 & 7: DIY Mudroom Bench

Day 8: Organizing the toys in your living room

Day 9, 10 & 11: Three Days to Organize your garage (You could do it all in one day!)

Day 12: Organizing arts and crafts supplies

Day 13: Seven Steps to Organizing your Laundry Room

Day 14: Meal planning with a whole foods recipe

Day 15: Organize the way that you grocery shop: Healthy meal choices, healthy budget

Day 16: Organize a play room (or make one!)

Day 17: Organize your bathroom

Day 18: Have a kid-friendly (organized) home!

Day 19: Organize your finances

Day 20-21: Organize your closet

Day 22: Tips to organize your kid’s closets

Day 23: DIY hair bow holders

Day 24: Organize your family calendar

Day 25: Organize kid’s cups

Day 26: Organize kid’s plates & bowls

Day 27: Organizing outdoor toys

Day 28: Organizing your linen closet

Day 29: Cleaning your kid’s toys!

Day 30: Organizing your office

Day 31: Packing for a trip with kids

Day 32: Taking a road trip with kids

Day 33: Cleaning Microfiber

Organizing kid’s rooms

Day 35: Organize recipes

Day 36: Keeping your Car Organized

Day 37: Organizing your coupons

Day 38: Organize your spices

Day 39: Create & organize an entryway

Day 40- 40 days to home organization recap


I hope that these tips helped you- what are your best moving tips?

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I’m Becky, a former elementary school teacher turned certified child development therapist and blogger. I work at home with my husband and together we are raising (and partially homeschooling) our four children in the Carolinas. I love diet coke, ice cream, and spending time with my family.

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  1. Becky great post! Can you believe it…I LOVE moving! Yep hard to believe for many I know. But, I love a fresh clean slate and making a house a home. I am excited to find out about Moveboxer..never heard of it but would like to learn more in case it is a great resource for my clients. Thanks for being part of my blog book tour!

  2. Hi! Great tips 🙂
    we aren’t moving but I am currently working on organizing and de-cluttering our home! You’re 40 days of organization is great!! And I’m looking forward to reading the book!

  3. Great post Becky! This would have been so great to refer too last year when we made our move to the new home! It certainly adds an extra level of stress with moving when you have children! These are all great tips and advice! Thanks for sharing! ~Leah~

  4. I am so excited about this because we are moving in two months!! Thanks for posting this!

  5. Great post, Becky! It’s a true lifesaver! I have to plan the moving of the whole family in two months, with my husband still at work and two toddlers at home you can’t imagine how good it is to find this! After the moving I’ll have to read the organizing articles too lol 😀

  6. Moving to a new place is always a big change for the little ones, even if they don’t realize it at the moment. We’ve moved two times till now I’m glad that both times curiosity and excitement prevailed worry and uncertainty, and my daughter accepted moving as an adventure. She’s now twelve and helps me with her little brother and with planning our next move, for the beginning of the next year. The tips you’ve shared are great, and will be very helpful for all my family this time. Thanks!