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Organizing your Linen Closet 1
Your linen closet can easily become overwhelming! Here are a few easy tips to keep it organized.

A good rule of thumb is to have two sets of sheets per bed and two sets of towels (two towels and two washcloths) per person

1- De-clutter.
How many sheet sets do you have? How many do you actually need? I think it is safe to have 2 per bed. One that is being used and one that is being washed or in the linen closet. The same goes for towels. I had so many towels at one point that I couldn’t fit them all in my linen closet. I now have 8 of the cute “hooded towels” for the kids (sharks, bumble bee, mermaid… two per child) and we have several towels for our bathroom for the grown-ups. I also have guest towels that I will put downstairs in the guest room when we have company. They stay fluffy and well-kept because they are rarely used.

– Store sheets in pillowcase:
Fold your sheets and pillowcases and take ONE of the pillowcases as the “keeper of the sheets”. Put that whole sheet set (pillow case, flat sheet, fitted sheet) folding nicely and tucked inside of the other pillow case. Now when you look in your linen closet, you just have to grab that one “sack” and pull it out- everything is ready for your bed and you don’t have to look around!

organizing your linen closet 2
3- Adding brackets to your closets.
Martha Stewart has said ‘Adding brackets to closets or armoires is a great idea for neat stacks. Forming neat stacks prevents folded clothes and linens from toppling. Choose shelf brackets with the long side measuring just less than the height of your shelf and the short side equal or less than the depth; place the shorter side of each on the shelf and the longer side against the wall. To secure, drill two wood screws into each bracket from the shelf’s underside.’


Hint: you can roll your towels for easy organization!

4- Recycle your old towels.
You know the ones- holes in them, ripping down the sides. These towels get recycled in our home- they move to the garage for my husband to use on his car or for his projects. This is a great way to save money. (See more money saving tips here) The old towels can also be cut into smaller wash-clothes for cleaning or dusting.

5- Separation:
I keep our linen closet divided into areas: hand towels, washcloths, small towels (for my hair), large towels, twin sheet sets, full sheet sets, queen sheet sets, mattress covers, extra throw blankets..
In the bottom (on the floor), I have a few of my boxes (one with hangers, one with swim stuff, one with overnight tote bags).

When all else fails… take a sheet, throw it over you kitchen table and you have a great “clubhouse” for your kids!

HINT: “Adding a bundle of chalk in a closet or armoire helps absorb extra moisture and keeps clothing and linens fresh and dry. Mount a hook in the closet or armoire, fasten a rubber band around a dozen pieces of chalk, and cover the band with ribbon, allowing enough loop to hang chalk.” – Martha Stewart

I hope that helped you with Organizing your Linen Closet! If you have any tips, I’d love to hear them!  Have a great day! 

If you missed any days of our 40 days of Organization, you can start at DAY 1 – just click this link:  40 days of Organization


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Organizing your Linen Closet 1


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  1. I need to do better about recycling old towels instead of just hanging on to them. And I love to roll my towels to accommodate our tight linen space.

  2. I actually implimented Martha’s suggestion about the shelf brackets (I painted mine white) and I love how they keep the piles nice and neat.

    You didn’t mention it in your article, but I see you’ve labeled the edges of your shelves – good for you! Labels help people know where to return things when the “spot” is open.

    I’ve never heard about the chalk keeping things fresh and dry – I’ll have to try that!

  3. My linen closet is a DISASTER. I want to fix it, but had to get some advice before I tackled such a large project. Thanx for the tips!!