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A picture of organized plastic plates, bowls and utensils with text above them.If you read Organizing your kid’s cups, I’m sure you were expecting this one- Organizing kids plates & bowls.

I make this very simple, too. Again, I do not want to be in charge of our children’s plates or bowls for every meal or snack. I need them to be responsible for themselves. They can set the table (see AGE-APPROPRIATE CHORES HERE) and get their own snacks (after asking permission) without help.

I have three drawers set aside for their things in the kitchen.
Drawer #1- plates
Drawer #2- Bowls
Drawer #3- Snack cups/ Snack bowls

A drawer of organized plastic cups.Having their plates and bowls easily accessible to the kids works for everyone in our family.  This also makes it easy (and fun) when they unload the dishwasher. One child puts the plastic plate or bowl on the island & slides it across into the drawer. The other one stands by the drawer and pushes them in.  “Slam Dunk!”

Here is a picture of the drawer containing the snack bowls & lids.


A drawer of organized plastic plates.
Here are our plates- there are about seven in this drawer (They are stacked, so you can’t tell in this picture.)  If you have too many to fit where you want them, it may be time to downsize your ‘collection’.




A close up of organized plastic bowls in a drawer.

Here are the kid bowls – right out of the dishwasher.  They fit great in one drawer, as long as the kids and I stack them with the right size bowls.  (The Ikea kid bowls are the perfect size for little one’s meals!)
How do you organize your kid plates & bowls?
If you don’t have room for this (or don’t want to give up your kitchen drawer space), you can always use the basket method:  two baskets- one for bowls, one for plates.

Day 26: Organizing outdoor toys 

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