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If your backyard is anything like ours, the kids bring their toys out of the garage and shed and play with them with all of our neighbors. An hour later, it is time to come inside and the toys are scattered everywhere!

Here are a few, easy organizing methods for organizing outdoor toys.


1.  Conversion:
We have turned our sandbox into a toy box in our yard. We had it filled with sand, but it became too much of a mess (sand in their hair, sand in their shoes… needing a bath EVERY TIME they came in!) so we dumped out the sand and made it our outdoor toy box. I’m sure we will end up having a sandbox again some day because they loved it, but for the time being (with a newborn), a bath four times a day just isn’t practical.
Organizing outdoor toys


2.  Sandbox toys
A great idea, if you have a sandbox that you use, is to keep your toys in a pop-up laundry basket (I saw it on pinterest a while back, but forget the source). If you put the toys in there, you can just shake it to get the sand out. I will be doing this when we are at the beach!

3.  Storage Shed
We have a storage shed in our back yard. We use it to keep my husband’s lawn equipment and the kids toys. We keep their power wheels riding toys (trucks/tractor) in there, too. We also have a little tikes toy box that we keep in there for the kid’s toys. My husband drilled holes in the bottom of the toy box for the water (that comes in with the toys) and dirt to just run out. You could also get a large bucket with the rope handles and put holes in there, too. This is great for storing buckets, shovels and other outdoor toys.
Organizing outdoor toys 3
pic source: designedtodwell
4.  Hanging milk crates.
Here is an easy tip from Mandy: Instead of running around picking up all of your toys, you can just buy or find old crates to hang on your fence. It is cheap to do, around $6, and you can organize them as you want (bats, balls, pool toys) It is similar to our indoor toy system, where everything has a spot. It also keeps the toys from sitting in mud when it rains.  See her other great ideas!
Organizing outdoor toys 2

If you missed any days, start at DAY 1 or
40 days of Organization

What tips do you have for organizing your outdoor toys?

Do you want a whole book devoted just to de-cluttering and organizing?  Here you go:


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