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Lets make a playroom!  

An organized playroom with shelves of items in baskets with kids sitting at a table playing.

If you are just starting out, feel free to start here or start at the beginning of 40 days to an organized home.

Welcome to Day 16: How to organize a playroom

 In our house, our kids keep about 50% of their toys in their bedrooms. The other 50% are spread between the living room (see how I organize toys in the living room) and the playroom.    I am going to give you some great tips for how to set up a playroom and how to organize a playroom. You can do this to a small space or you can add these techniques into any room.  It can be in a child’s room, guest room, garage (my friend did this & it works out great!), dining room, loft… you name it!


When planning your play room, break it up into zones.

The zones in our play room are:

a. Housekeeping (We have a little tikes play house in there, shopping carts and all of the “grocery store” accessories (cash register, money, food…). We have a mailbox outside of the house door. I also have a vanity (kids) set up with pretend scissors and a comb for the kids to give each other “haircuts”. (they use the cash register and money to pay when they are done).

b. Bookshelf with puzzles, books, games and coloring accessories.

c. Music area: kid guitars, drums, microphones, other instruments

d. Toy Box filled with other misc. items. (stuffed animals…)

This makes it easy to clean up the room after the kids have finished playing. They have an area designated to every toy, so it is easy for the to put it away.

Easy tips for organizing:

1- Put up a simple shelf with boxes of like items:

If you have a lot of small toys, such as cars, dolls, legos….

kids toys & bed 004

An easy way to start organizing a toy room is to get a shelf and some shoe boxes and start organizing: Organized toys in your Organized kids room. I made a post earlier on organizing our kid’s toys in their rooms….

organizing your kids toys

This can be like the ‘library’. They take the box that they want to their zone.

example: They take their “doll” box to the “dollhouse” area in the room and when they are done, they clean up and put it back. No mess!

2. Add crates or pallets to the wall. 
This is cheap to do.  Look at the pictures below.  Hang them on the wall and add toys or shoeboxes full of toys to them.

White cubes attached to the wall with toys in them.
(image source)

Numerous  wooden containers attached to the wall with a variety of items in them.

Step 3: Display their artwork
This is easy!  I just took a long piece of string, attached both ends to the wall and put clothes pins in the middle for the kids to put up anything that they wanted!

I have also used clipboards.  It makes it just as easy for the kids to change them around.     Clipboards attached to a wall with art clipped on them.      ( image: hermama)

Step 3:  Dress up box
Our kids have a toy box that is only for “costumes” (we have three superheros and a princess in this house, so a place for dress-up costumes is a MUST!).  This makes clean up VERY easy!  I try not to use one with hangers because I want clean-up to be simple and quick – so that the kids can do it by themselves.


I hope this helped you to figure out how to organize a playroom that will work in the space that you have.

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If you are interested in more playroom ideas, visit Beauty through Imperfection’s Organizing a Toddler’s Playroom

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  1. Want to come on by and organize my kid’s toys? They are out of control!

  2. Wow ~ I Pinned and will start on Day 1! Thanks for all the hard work! =)

  3. Lovely post!! I loved the clipboard idea. Will use it for my daughter’s room who churns out art by dozens everyday. 🙂