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Organized kids room

Organized toys in your Organized kids room:

If your toys were anything like mine, they were all in a toy box. This is not a good set-up for playtime in our house, so we organized our toys and they have stayed that way. 🙂

You can start Organizing your kids toys – it makes it so much easier for you & your kids to keep up with their things.

First- I had my husband add another shelf to our closet (we now have two shelves in our closet- one on top for when they are older & one that is lower for now (& they will still use it when they are older-double the space!)

I organized our toys into categories: Doctor, Police, Pirates, Cars… (I have three boys!)
organizing your kids toys

I bought as many shoe-boxes as I needed (from Wal-mart for 97 Cents!)

I printed off labels for the amount of boxes that I had.

kids toys & bed 004
Tape the labels on using packaging tape (heavy duty!)

Now start organizing. Have your kids help you with this so that they will know where it all goes in the future.

Once they are organized, put them on the shelf that you have picked. I normally do not put the lids on them because they fall off & the kids just leave them on the floor. The toys stay organized without them.

It is very easy to keep up with! When they are done playing, they just put the toys back in the correct box. Even our 2 year old can do this because of the pictures on the front.

This is an easy way to organize kids toys…

Happy Organizing!

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