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I love organizing kids’ rooms because their bedroom is the place where our children sleep, play, read… It can be a great place for them to DREAM, so lets keep it organized & wonderful so that they can enjoy it!

The key to organizing a kid’s room?  Having systems in place!   You can’t clean if you don’t know where things go.  Show your child how each thing has a spot in their room (stop doing chores for them!).  When something new comes into the home, they will find a spot for that thing, too.


Now onto some great bedroom ideas!

1- Leave space to play!
Our kids each have a large area to play in their rooms.  I have placed the beds against the walls (safety reasons, mostly- this keeps them from falling out) and I have a toy box in their room that serves as a dress up box.  We have bins against another wall (a storage shelf with storage baskets).  This leaves the space in the middle for them to play.  They can pull out a transportation rug, dump out legos, build with blocks and so much more!

2. A home for toys
They are also very close to the bins when they are in their play area, so it makes for fast & easy clean-up.  (See how I organize the toys in their room here)  We keep our toys in shoebox containers and they are labeled (“Police”, “cars”, “Pirates”).   Their dress-up clothes are in the toy box.  Their stuffed animals are in an ottoman.

3. Craft Table/ Writing Desk
You could have a table and give it roll-out bins that act as seats (add wheels to ottomans) underneath for easy supply storage.  If you want some awesome Art-Supply Organization ideas, see this link! (Some great bedroom art area ideas are in there, too!)
A table could easily double as a homework desk and with the art supplies close by, it makes it easy for your kids to have all of their homework supplies close at hand.  Here is one that we made:
DIY idea homework station
Below is one from Martha Stewart where it doubles as storage (book cases from store on the ends, wood covered in contact paper in the middle/on top).  How cute & practical!

Organizing kids room table


If you are lacking space, this desk would be easy to make out of wood or you could always just use a bathroom cabinet & turn it sideways.  I would place a little lock or strong magnet to keep it shut when not in use.  You could use a storage ottoman for the seat to increase your storage space, like Ana White does in the picture below. A child\'s homework desk with shelves filled with organized supplies and a blue stool under it.

4-  Nightstand
I like to have a dresser or nightstand close by their beds.  This allows them somewhere to place a book, a fan, a noise machine or a clock next to them.   They can also keep tissues right beside them for those little colds that seem to come too often this time of year.

5- Beds
Our kids had bunk beds with a slide (one day I’ll explain how my husband did this to an ordinary bunk bed), but we took them apart recently (their request- they wanted “a change”).  It is a nice idea to have beds that can convert to accommodate a growing child or having children sleeping over, if you need them.  Maybe getting a bed with a trundle or bunks that can be separated?  Maybe even just one double bed, allowing them room “to grow”.   Having a comforter that matches the room will provide a clean look!  Be sure to pick a coordinating, soothing color for the wall, as well.

6- “Shed some light on this situation!”
A nice overhead light, above their beds is a great addition to a child’s room!  We have one attached to our kids walls  – Here is one that I liked from stacks and stacks.

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 3.31.46 PM
7- Under bed Storage
Having under-the-bed totes or drawers makes this an easy place to store things that are not in use (clothes, toys).  We have our “fire escape window ladder” (in case of a fire) under our children’s bed for easy access.

8- Small Things Storage Idea
If they have small things (our kids have many collections) or jewelry, an ice cube tray is the perfect organizer.  It fits nicely in a drawer and keeps things neat and orderly.   I love the color of this one from LikeModern. 

9.  Put their cars or barbie dolls in a shoe-holder, like this one shared on (below).  You can get one pretty cheap on Amazon.


10.  Use your rainbow loom kit to store things!  Store jewelry, change, rocks … or even snacks!

rainbow loom organizer used for snacks

ps- before you go, check out this ONE TRICK (well, its really a rule in our house) to remind our kids to KEEP THEIR ROOM CLEAN. 

teach your kids to clean their room
I hope that helped!
  Please leave your own ideas for setting up and organizing your child’s bedroom.


Do you want all of my cleaning tips?  They are all listed in my book, Freed From Clutter. 


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I’m Becky, a former elementary school teacher turned certified child development therapist and blogger. I work at home with my husband and together we are raising (and partially homeschooling) our four children in the Carolinas. I love diet coke, ice cream, and spending time with my family.

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  1. I love the ice cube tray idea..especially for Gavin he loves to collect rocks and this would be a perfect place to keep them in.

  2. Great bedroom organizing. I will implement this to others. Thanks for sharing!