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Today I am going to show you a few ways that to organize  hair bows, headbands and hats. We have  a LOT of hair accessories.  Our baby girl followed three little boys, so I could not be more excited to dress her up!

I am going to show you a LOT of ways to organize your head bands and hair bows, so just find what works for you and make it!

Now for an easy DIY hair bow organizer

I first made my own hair bow organizer by turning an old oatmeal container into a headband and hair bow holder. This is very easy to make. You take your favorite scrap paper, cut it to the size that you need it and use mod podge to stick it to the old (clean) oatmeal container…(You can add a candle stick to the bottom for some added decoration)  Or- you could just spray paint an old oatmeal container.

I put my daughter’s head bands on the outside and her hair bows on the inside, but it didn’t hold enough hair bows or head bands for me, so now it sits on her changing table as a little garbage can for her diapers.   It is perfect for those MANY infant diapers!  I line it with a target/walmart type of bag and just empty it daily.diaper pail

I started using a large wicker basket for her hair bows and hats.  This is much easier for me.  Sometimes I change her head band 3-4 times a day, so I like to throw it in the basket and grab a new one.  If you have read my 40 days to home organization, you know that I am all about having a quick & easy plan in place.  DIY hair bow organizer When it came to hear head bands and hair bows, I did not want to be bothered taking other things off (other head bands) to get to the one that I want.  That is why I loved the simplicity of a basket.  I like things to be very simple in our house.  This picture does not show it, but this basket is big.  I fit all of her MANY bows, head band and hats in here! I keep it on a shelf in her closet.

  • I use a ribbon attached to the back of a letter (for her name) for the hair clips.
  •   This is easy to make.  Just pick out the scrapbooking paper or fabric that you want.  Cut it to fit. Mod-podge it on and attach your favorite ribbon to the back.
  • Buy something with hooks on it for the head-bands.  Attach ribbon to the back for the hair bows  This is easy.  Just take a frame, paint it.  Attach ribbon to the back of it.  Add little hooks on the bottom.
  • Take take your ribbon and make little “loops” in the ribbon with glue or thread to make it easy to slip a headband into place.

I hope that helped!

ps- if your child’s hair bows are constantly falling out, check out how I manage to get these hair bows to stay in our 1 year old’s fine hair: Keep hair bows from slipping out
how to keep a bow from slipping out of fine hair

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  1. Oh my gosh these all look so cute! I can’t wait to decorate my little lady’s room when we move into our house this year!! Following you through google, yay!

    1. Great 🙂 welcome!! good luck with your move- that so exciting!

  2. Great ideas! My daughter’s hair things are left all over the house. Combine that with a cat who likes to play with them and you can imagine the mess. Organizing them will probably save me money too since I won’t be replacing the lost ones all of the time.

    1. They all looked pretty easy to make, too, so hopefully it will help. 🙂

  3. Found you on the March Blog Hop on BloggyMoms! Love the picture frame idea and have shared this with my Pinterest followers! Thanks for the post, look forward to browsing through your ideas!

    1. thanks! Glad that you liked it- its pretty easy to do & we love it. 🙂

  4. The one that says Brooks bows. Did you find that on etsy? Can you share the link?

    1. It was on Pinterest, but I can’t find it now. If I find it, I’ll message you.