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There’s nothing like a favorite Christmas tradition!  Can you remember your favorite from when you were young? Similar to our list of 10 Things to do on Christmas Day, today we are sharing our list of Christmas Week Traditions.  Oh and don’t miss these Christmas Morning Traditions that are perfect to do in the week leading up to Christmas day!  These are the Traditions that your family will look  forward to each year.  

25+ Christmas Day Traditions You Family Will Look Forward To Every Year!

There are so many meaningful Christmas activities and ideas that will leave an impact and memory in your child’s mind and heart for years to come. It is so important to realize that we don’t have to go crazy to make things meaningful… the simple things can be the biggest impact.

Today I’m sharing a few of my favorite Christmas traditions and ideas with affiliate links to products and links to other amazing ideas.


  • The first (and my favorite) Christmas Tradition is one that revolves around family.    This deck of 32 Christmas Conversation Cards is the perfect way to get everyone involved. Christmas Countdown Cards Our daughter pulls out these cards as soon as we start decorating for Christmas each year – they are her favorite tradition. These printable cards are great for families- they give families chance to really talk about things that matter and things that make you smile. They will bring out laughter, happiness, and memories.  We read at least one card (or ask one question) each night.  Other Times, we have so much fun and we keep going… until we get through ten questions or more. 🙂  LOL! Christmas Countdown Cards
  • Watch a Christmas movie together.  My favorite has always been White Christmas.  .
  • Everyone grabs a pillow and blanket while you make some popcorn (or another favorite snack).  Meet in the living room & turn on a Christmas movie with the Christmas tree lights on. It is so simple and always a lot of fun.
  • Take a family walk through a Christmas Tree Farm even if you aren’t getting a tree.  Let your kids pair trees to a category. Example: “Let’s find a Charlie Brown Tree. Now, let’s find a Christmas tree that a gnome would live in. Everyone Look for the biggest tree you can find.” Christmas Day Traditions .
  • Drive around to look at lights for 15 minutes.  (We take hot chocolate in little travel cups & play music in the car).  When we see a Nativity Set, we put these coloring sheets in their mailboxes.  Looking for Jesus Activity .
  • Go to a Christmas parade or look at Store Windows  Take a few blankets to keep warm (or use a travel electric blanket) .
  • Read a Christmas book together.   Over time our Christmas book collection has been growing.   I keep them all together & only pull them out when decorating.  They stay in a basket until we put the decorations away. However, even if you do not have Christmas books, you can check some out from the library, order them on Amazon or look for a used book on websites like ThriftBooks (used books). Reading together is such a beautiful way to connect with family. .
  • Make cookies together: Christmas cookies do not have to be complicated.  You can do homemade cookies or you could buy some refrigerated ones to bake. Keep it simple. These are my favorite  A plate of cookies.
  • Have a Christmas Cupcake Bake-off in your own house. ..
  • Go to Church in the evening for a candlelight service.   If you can’t go to church, you can watch it at home with only candlelight.
  • Play Christmas Games (here are some of our favorites) with your family  .
  • Go caroling.  I did this as a child and still remember how much I loved it.  When I was a teacher, we took our students’ caroling around town, as well. .
  • Have Santa send a video to your child.   We go online every year & have Santa send a video to the kids (and he usually sends a funny one to my husband). christmas traditions.
  • Make ornaments with your family (our kids love these Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Ornaments) teenage mutant ninja turtle ornament. And these frozen ornaments.  A Christmas cookie.
  • Have a Candy Cane Hunt.   Hide candy canes around the house or yard (they have to be HANGING on something).  We’ve been having a Candy-Cane hunt at my parent’s house for years. My mom buys each of the kids their own color of candy-canes & then the adults hide them out front.   The kids love this tradition! Candy Cane Hunt (.
  • Start a handprint Tree Skirt with names & years, like this one (source unknown – but it is adorable!) . Christmas tree skirt with children\'s hand prints..
  • Decorate a Ginger Bread House (we buy our already assembled houses from Michaels because I am the WORST at assembling them.) Put your decorations in a muffin tin to make it easy to add to y our house – great idea from Design Improvised. . A table full of food, with Cookie and Christmas traditions.
  • Make Snowman Pancakes Food on a plate .
  • Have a themed day as a countdown like  Katherine Maries (Her ideas are always fantastic).  Every day is a new fun themed day!   Your kids will love these!A close up of Christmas boxes.A stack of Christmas books and prizes on a table .
  • Go on a “Jesus in the Yard” hunt:Free printable for your kids -
  • Finally, on Christmas Eve, give your kids a Night Before Christmas BoxFill your box with things like Christmas PJ’s, a Christmas DVD, Santa’s key, food for Rudolf, sweet treats, or anything you can think of before placing it under the tree on Christmas Eve for your child to excitedly open and see all their Christmas surprises! . A close up of a box
  • Start a New Tradition! Whether it is opening a gift on Christmas eve, making a special breakfast, or decorating the tree together, create traditions just for your family. Families connect when they are doing things together and working towards a common goal. .
As you can see, there are many simple ways you can connect with your family this season. Remember to keep it simple and have fun! What are some ideas you have?

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25+ Christmas Traditions Your Family Will Look Forward To Year After Year

Christmas Day Traditions for Families

Pinterest is a flurry of extravagant Christmas ideas and activities, but don’t let it overwhelm you… simple is special, too.  In fact, I prefer simple traditions and simple activities far more than extravagant ones.

You can find so many ways to create your own fun Christmas Traditions (like our Sibling Gift “Dollar Store” Tradition) with your kids that promise to be special and meaningful.

Remember… kids really just want one thing for Christmas… YOUR TIME.

christmas traditions

One thing I have realized is that there are many ways you can connect as a family during the Christmas season. Many times some of the most meaningful moments happen when you are simply together.

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