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Being home with your kids.  It is something that you probably want to do if you are reading this.  It is something that I have been able to do, while our children are young.  I was a teacher and now I work one day a week.   I feel very privileged to be able to stay home.   I can honestly say that if we did not watch our spending, it would not be possible.   We don’t live beyond our means and we take care of what we have.   We decide if we NEED to have something, or if we just WANT to have something.

Often times, when I am shopping, I will think of things the way that my Mom used to: “I (or my husband) just worked  ____ hours for this… is it worth it?”    If you are planning on quitting your job to stay home, you will need to start thinking like this, too.

Today, I will be sharing a small excerpt from my e-book (chapter one): You can be a Stay at Home Mom on One Income.  (You can see more on the e-book for sale for $2.99 here)
Also, this money-saving series is one that I will be sharing with Paula from Beauty Through Imperfection (so I guess that makes it a 6 part series because she is doing three on the same day as me and we are sharing our links for you!)
Day 1- Can I afford to quit my job? How do you decide if you can stay home?
Day 1 (part 2)- Avoid Eating Out with these tips
Day 2- How to transition to stay home {getting started}? 

Day 3- How to be prepared for the What-Ifs. (link to come)
Day 4- Building up your savings quickly!


First, before you decide if you can stay home with your children, you will have to do a test run.  This will help you decide if you can do it.  You will see how much money you have each month and how much money you will have to “save” each month to be able to afford staying home.



  • Experts say when going from two incomes to one, you should live on just one income for two months.  This means putting your check into savings for two months BEFORE you quit, just to make sure that you won’t need it (and you are building up your savings ahead of time, too.)   You need to be sure that you can do this, before you give up your job!


  • ****Example:  If your spouse brings home $3000 a month and your family spends $2700, you can make it work (as long as you are saving that extra $300 for emergencies).   If you make $3000 a month and you spend $3100 a month, you will have to learn to cut a few hundred dollars from your spending every month and I am going to show you how to do this with some of my money-saving tips.  (I have a lot in my ebook that enable families to do this, but today I am just sharing a little excerpt)
  • Quitting your job doesn’t have to be an all or nothing thing.  You can work a few hours a week.  You can work from home.  You can take your kids with you to work (preschool, daycare).
  • Here are some of my top posts on saving money that might offer you some more advice if you are seriously thinking about taking this journey

Can I afford to quit my job

I continue talk about how you can save money for your family in my e-book.   I talk about how to make money from home and make it easier and more affordable to reach your goal, whatever it may be.  I will share tips to prepare your family for your journey to be a stay at home parent or to teach your family how to save money or make money from home.  Even if your goal is not to stay home, this book will help you become more financially secure.


We will talk about saving money at the grocery store, on clothes, household items, and more.  I will teach you how to get discounts on preschools, private schools, gym memberships and stores.  Learn the secret to getting items for FREE using coupons (free soaps, oral care products, baby items, snack foods and more!)  Learn how to make money, from home, easily by selling items online (I do this several times a week and can easily make an extra $100 a week, if I sell the right things at the right times).  I will share work at home opportunities with you, as well.  I will share tips on how to cut back on items that you need and items that you want.  You will find out which websites I go to when looking for the best deals or when I am finding ways to save.  I will even talk about how to make money blogging. 


Tomorrow we will dive into step 2- how to transition to staying home {getting started with your money}

In the meantime, you can now go over to see Paula’s post at Beauty Through Imperfection about How to Save Money (avoid eating out). 

If you are interested in purchasing this e-book, You Can Be a Stay at Home Mom, it is $2.99 and you can download it right now & get started on your journey to saving!    

money saving tips for the stay at home mom




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