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 The average parent spends $700 on back shopping!
That was just last year’s average, according to the National Retail Federation!
  I was completely blown away to find that statistic, until I really started to think about what our kids needed and how much I actually spent.  It was a lot.

beat back to school costs

Sending kids back to school is bound to get expensive and overwhelming at some point, and with good reason! This year, tell those daunting back-to-school lists to surrender to Super Mom’s everywhere- being prepared & saving money!




TIP 1- Make my OWN list from all of the kid’s lists and figure out how much I actually need.
First, gather up all of the lists that I will need (put each child’s list on the table and start making my own list from their lists.)  Most of the lists are already out and it is a great time to shop.   I will save money this way because I won’t be buying more than I need or buying duplicates of things that are unneccesary. I  try to see what I need with all of the kid’s items combined.

TIP 2- Shop early!
Last year I waited too long (until the week before school) and I ended up having to make multiple trips to different stores because the items were sold out.   Try to buy the items now, while the stores have them (and they are at low costs, since they are competing with other stores.)  I typically go to Wal-mart because they have the items in one place (& they price-match, so if I find it cheaper somewhere else, I just tell the cashier and she will lower it to that other price).

You can get backpacks on sale now, too, at places like L.L. Bean and Lands End if you shop early.  At the very least, you can get free shipping! 

TIP 3- Buy in bulk to save money!  
I try to buy my things in a multi-pack instead of individually to save money.
For example: One child might need two boxes of tissues while the other needs four, so if I get a pack of 6, I will be set.   I normally buy the White Cloud Facial Tissue multipacks (these tissues are the epitome of Pure Comfort™) because they offer 3-6 boxes in one package- which is perfect for me because I have three kids that will need back-to-school items this year, so I can split the tissues up between the kid’s classrooms.

Reminder: Before you shop, you will want to make sure that they are available where you shop (it is exclusively at Wal-mart):   

Tip 4- Support while you buy.  
A lot of companies are offering to donate a percentage of the sale to a charity.   So, going back to my White Cloud Facial Tissues example, White Cloud supports Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals when we purchase limited edition White Cloud CMN Facial Tissue boxes. 

You can use coupons for your back to school items.  A lot of stores will have a coupon for a specific product that will save you a lot of money or even make the product free.  This is a good time to take advantage of those.

There are usually supply coupons in these magazines: 
o Better Homes & Gardens 

o Good Housekeeping 

o First for Women 

o Cosmopolitan 

o Woman’s Day 

o O, The Oprah Magazine 

o Family Circle 

o EveryDay with Rachael Ray 

o Country Living 

o Fitness 

o House Beautiful 

o Redbook 

o Ladies’ Home Journal 

You can stay current with most companies and their coupons by visiting their Facebook page and Twitter page. 

If you are looking for more back to school ideas, Pinterest is always a hit!
I have been pinning a lot of back to school things in my Teaching Tools for the Boys board.  I love ideas on packing lunches, organizing their things, getting ready in the morning,  and so many more!!  Visit the White Cloud Pinterest Page to check out their great ideas, too.   (They have such cute craft ideas and teacher gift ideas!)

How do you beat back to school costs?



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I’m Becky, a former elementary school teacher turned certified child development therapist and blogger. I work at home with my husband and together we are raising (and partially homeschooling) our four children in the Carolinas. I love diet coke, ice cream, and spending time with my family.

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  1. Terrific post! This is great time for the fast approaching back to school season. THANK YOU 🙂

  2. Great post! I do not plan to spend near 700$ or even 1/2 of it but get everything I need thanks to some of these tips!

  3. I don’t spend nearly that much! Not on clothes, anyway. I do spend that on curriculum, though!

  4. Great tips, back to school is probably so expensive these days and couponing is a great way to save lots of money! Plus, if you start early you can get in on lots of deals and stock up so you don’t have to spend all the cash at one time.

  5. I have four children going back to school so I need all the savings ideas I can find.

    1. We have four little ones, too, but only 2 going to school. 🙂