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Let talk about how you should NOT be paying for your medication – you can get your antibiotics for free!

Well, it is that time of year!  All of our kids have just had strep throat… including me!

Our kid’s friends were sick with strep throat and it wasn’t long before it spread to everyone in our family (and I’m sure we passed it along, as well).

Well, our kids were the first to be diagnosed, so our Pediatrician prescribed the kids some antibiotics… Amoxicillin. I had it ordered to Rite Aid because it is close to our house and I can just go through the pick-up line.

I love drive-through lines because taking four sick kids into the store can be quite a challenge in itself!

Well- $40 later and I have all of the medicine ($10 per child). I called my Mom to tell her that we had picked it up and we were all headed home and she said: “Oh! Its free at Harris Teeter and just $4 at Wal-mart.”

I couldn’t believe that I had just thrown $40 away

. I wish I would have called her earlier- she’s always knows where to get the best prices!  I would have walked into the store to save $40!

Fast forward one day…
I started to develop symptoms of strep throat myself. I went to my Doctor and he confirmed it and ordered me the same medication- Amoxicillin (Penicillin). This time, I had it sent to Harris Teeter. It was free!

My Mom and Dad picked it up for me because I was too sick to run to the store (complete with ice cream, a case of pop and dinner for our family- just what every girl needs when she is sick!) My Mom said that there was a huge list of “free” medications listed there, so anyone can check the list when they are at Harris Teeter.

Here is the list for FREE medicines at Harris Teeter And while Wal-mart is not free, they have a bunch of $4 medications. See it here. There are more! Here is publix’s list. Oh- and Giant Eagle even offers free prenatal vitamins with a prescription (and they have a $4 generic list)!

I thought that with our insurance, it would be the same everywhere, but it isn’t.

The reason: Certain stores do not bill your insurance. Rite Aid does, but Wal-mart and Harris Teeter do not. I’m sure that there are more stores, but these are the ones that I know for sure.
Get antibitotics for free

Moral of the story: Check around BEFORE you get your medicine!

Get antibiotics and/or diabetic medication for FREE just by checking at the pharmacy! If you want to get it somewhere closer to you, ask about price matching. While the Rite Aid near us will not price match the zero price, they will price match the $4 price (which I found out when I called to ask about the pricing). This is on a store-to-store basis, so ask before you order.

Also- preventative measures are fantastic for your kid’s health. Check out my post on giving your kids vitamins and see which ones we use in our house (helps with speech delays, sensory disorders and just keeping your kids healthy!. See it here. 🙂


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  1. When we first started our high-deductible insurance last year, I did some research on medicines. I should look at it again. We don’t get sick though every bit of savings helps.

    Thanks for linking up at Fabulously Frugal Thursday.

  2. If you have a Meijers in your town call them about diabetes and antibiotics for free
    This has saved me multiple times. It’s worth a call to check into it.
    Every little bit helps.