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I am so excited to share these 20 Valentines’ Cards for kids.  These kids’ valentines cards are not only easy to make but also so creative, cute, and out-of-the-box.  We have found everything from non-candy Valentine Cards to Valentine Snacks for kids.  Each one is as unique as the next – the kids will love them.

I can’t believe it’s time to start thinking about Valentine’s Day Cards Ideas for kids, but it is, so let’s begin!  Have fun finding which of these cute valentines are perfect for your kiddos to give to family and friends.  You’ll find everything from non-candy Valentine cards to Valentine Cards for teachers!

Valentines’ Day Cards for Kids

valentines cards ideas for kids


This list of cards & Valentine’s Day crafts are fun to make, but even more fun to pass out. Everything from pop up cards to heart cards and bug cards – we’ve got you covered.

These cards & ideas work for a classroom Valentine’s party (check out these fun Valentine’s games) or to pass out to friends and neighbors. They make adorable Valentine’s cards for school (don’t forget an extra one to use as a teacher Valentine’s card – we’ve included those, too!) 

You can even make DIY Valentine’s Mail Boxes to hang in your house. Once they are hung up and you have your Valentine’s Cards finished, just have everyone in your family deliver their Valentines using the indoor family mailbox.

A display of silver envelopes attached to a wall with names on each one and Valentines Day items in each one.

20 Valentine’s Day Card Ideas for Kids

When it comes to kids Valentine’s cards, you can go super simple and make a heart shape with your child’s handwriting on it, or you can get a little fancier with some of the Valentine’s Day treats attached to the cards.  Either way, these easy DIY Valentines for kids are all super easy & fun!
The kids and I have already picked out our favorite valentines to share with you today:

 1.  Non-Candy Valentines. These bubble valentines are so adorable & easy to make at home with the free printable cards!

Non Candy Valentines: valentines day cards for kids


2. Another great non-candy idea is the valentines made of Playdoh – which will give them a chance to be creative!
Valentine's Day Card Ideas for Kids with play dough
3.  Use a paper heart and pencils to tell your valentine that you think they’re “just write”!
Valentine's Day Card Ideas for Kids with pencil

4.  Mini Cereal Box Valentine Cards are super cute & easy to make at home!   
Update: The website with these printable Valentines are no longer online.  Luckily, they are easy to print yourself!

Directions: Write or type a quote from below onto a piece of paper.  Secure it around a mini cereal box with some tape or glue & tie a spoon onto the box.   That’s it! 

  • You have a heart of Gold – Golden Grahams
  • I’m not playing Trix.  I really like you.  – Trix
  • You are my Lucky Charm. – Lucky Charms
  • I like you Oh so much! – Cheerios (Use this one with all Cheerios versions!)
  • You make my heart Swirl – Cinnamon Toast Crunch
  • I’m Cuckoo for you. – Cocoa Puffs
cereal box Valentine's Day Card Ideas for Kids
5.  Have a “Super Valentine’s Day!”  – how cute are these little superhero tootsie roll pops? Such a fun valentine’s idea!
A close up of a lollipop. Valentine's Day Card Ideas for Kids
6.  Gift each child with a small toy dinosaur – letting them know you think they’re “dino-mite”!
Toy DInosaur Valentine's Day Card Ideas for Kids
7.  Looking for another great boy-friendly idea? This is perfect! These are fun and  easy to make, plus I love when the Valentine cards have a special message that goes along with the favor.   🙂


Toy car Valentine's Day Card Ideas for Kids
8. If the class would KNOT be the same with your child – you should make these bracelets by Dandee Designs.  These are adorable and just take a thick piece of paper, a hole punch, and DIY friendship bracelets.
DIY Valentine's Day Card Ideas for Kids
9. These mustache valentines are just about the most fun idea… EVER!  Can you imagine how much fun kids will have if these are part of a classroom Valentine party? 🙂  Throw in some temporary tattoos (Valentine’s Day themed) and you’re set! 🙂


Printable Valentine's Day Card Ideas for Kids

10. Kids would love melting crayons to create these unique Valentine’s Day hearts!  Our kids love doing these.  They are so cute.  You can even give these with a coloring sheet (Valentine’s Day theme) that you print off for the kids.
Crayon Valentine's Day Card Ideas for Kids
11. If you want Valentine card ideas for school – this next one is perfect.   Kids who love goldfish crackers will enjoy the fact “in the same school” as the child who shares these valentines with them!  You can make these with white printer paper and some markers!
Goldfish crackers Valentine's Day Card Ideas for Kids
12. Ever thought of making homemade Valentine fortune cookies?  They are actually really easy to make & they are fun treat to include with a special Valentine’s Day card or note!
Just write something cute on the paper like, “You will have a great day today!”  or “You will do great on your spelling test!”  or keep it basic with “Happy Valentine’s Day!”


fortune cookies Valentine's Day Card Ideas for Kids

13. Check out these lightsaber cards  by ElishoSnow (you can make them right on your computer!) with glow-sticks and a picture printed on cardstock.


Valentine's Day Card Ideas for Kids who like star wars

14. I am in love with this ingenious idea: “I dig you!”   Kids will love the fact that they can use this Valentine even after the candy is gone. 😉
Valentine's Day Card Ideas for Kids with candy & shovels

15. I love the idea of these love bugs for kids! Perfect for your little one’s buggy and buddy. 🙂  On a day when they will receive loads and loads of sweets, why not treat them with something a little different— a small toy like this make the cutest little Valentine’s day gifts for their friends.

Valentine's Day Card Ideas for Kids

“Dear Teacher” Valentine’s Day Card Ideas

If you are looking for Valentine’s card ideas for school teachers, we’ve got you covered.  This next group of cards is will be perfect for your child’s teacher.

Valentine Card for Teacher

16. Use Burt’s Bee’s popular products to thank your child’s teacher for “bee-ing” great. 

You can download & print these BEE Valentine printables right here. (They remind me of our BEE-Day birthday party!)

Or you can use the same printable idea, just without the chapstick… It’s so cute to include for a teacher when your child prepares their Valentine’s day card for school.

17. Does your child’s teacher love coffee? If so, this is the perfect valentine for them! (Psst…don’t you just love when the free printable is included?)
Valentine's Day Card Ideas for Kids - card for teacher


18. For a little bit of a different twist: This Valentine’s Day, they may also enjoy being told: “Thanks a Latte” for all that they do!
A boy holding a Valentine\'s Day card for his  Teacher. Valentine's Day Card Ideas for Kids
19. How cute is this budget-friendly idea?  It’s going to be a great Valentine for the teacher, but it also works great as classroom valentines for all of the kids.   A ruler and some paper and make adorable classroom valentines.


Valentine's Day Card Ideas for Kids - ruler

A close up of a plate covered with chocolate,  Pretzels and candy buttons.
20.  These Rainbow Loom Bracelet cards are a wonderful gift from your child to your teacher and I think any teacher would appreciate it!  (I would have!). Our kids have each loved to make Rainbow Loom bracelets at one point or another, so this one would be perfect for them.


Valentine's Day Card Ideas for Kids


Valentine’s Day Party Ideas:

Valentine's Day Card Ideas for Kids

More Valentine Ideas for Kids 

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