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If you are looking for adorable Non-Candy Valentines, you’ve come to the right place.  These Bubble Valentines are perfect! While candy Valentines are always fun, it’s nice to mix it up a bit and give their friends something new to play with… I’m sure teachers & parents will appreciate not sending home more candy, too!

Non Candy Valentines : Printable Bubbles Valentines 

Non Candy Valentines
When I was a teacher, with 27 children in my class, Valentines Day was always fun.  I loved watching the kids pass out their Valentine Cards and I loved seeing the creative Valentine Boxes!   The hard part was controlling the candy.  I didn’t want the kids to eat too much candy at school, but as soon as it came into their Valentine boxes, they were ready to dig in.   I loved when parents found creative ways to send in fun little non-candy Valentines for the kids.

Valentine cards with bubbles.

Now that I am the mom of four kids, they are all running to get the fun dip Valentines at the store.  Trust me – I’m all for easy Valentines and that is certainly easy!   However, this idea is easy, too, and I think it’s just a little more fun & a bit different.   It is inexpensive to make and “cool” enough for our boys to pass them out, too.


Material to make a valentine\'s card.

I print mine on cardstock, but any paper will work.  It just depends on what are you looking for.  You could even print it on colored printer paper if your child has a favorite color. Valentine\'s cards.



  1. Begin by cutting out the Valentines from the free printable sheet.
  2. Use a hole punch to place a hole in one corner of each Valentine.
  3. Tie one Valentine to each bottle of bubbles using ribbon or twine of your choosing.
    A stack of Valentine\'s cards on a table
    You are welcome to print a page of these (as many as you need!).  If you click this link, it will take you to an image with 10 cards on it.  You can save the image & print, or you can print right from this page.

    You can click here to save & print the Valentine Bubble Cards.

    your friendship blows me away printables - CLICK HERE to download

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