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So, this week we re-used out ketchup bottle for pancake mix and now I want to share how to make heart pancakes from a ketchup bottle with you.   (Here is a great healthy pancake recipe) – you make them in a blender!

how to make heart pancakes from a ketchup bottleI washed the bottle and then the kids & I filled the ketchup bottle up with the pancake mix (that was a huge mess because I didn’t have a funnel).  We then used it to make heart pancakes.  We also made other things with it (their names, a funny face that they called “Dad”). heart pancakes made in a blender

Tip:  If you want to add things like names or different things on top of pancake, let it cook a little bit and THEN add more mix on top to make your design.  The new design part will be lighter, so it will look like a real picture. 🙂
I added the chocolate chips after, while it was already on the griddle.

Blender pancakes made into hearts using a ketchup container
If you are looking for other valentine ideas, here are a few of my favorites:

1- 10 Valentine activities to do with your family in place of Valentine Gifts. 
2- Valentine Fortune Cookies – these are so much fun.  I have done them for my husband as well as for our kids!  They taste great & the kids really had a blast reading them (I put pictures on them for our little ones that cannot read yet.)
3- Funfetti cookies- make these with pink or red icing and they will be a hit for Valentines day!
4- LOVE frame.  This is my favorite gift idea!
5- Valentine Pretzel Buttons  (pretzels, hershey kisses & M&Ms make these treats so yummy!)

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