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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and who doesn’t want an adorable Valentine’s day Mailbox — perfect for sharing lovely and kind thoughts… or sharing any of these adorable Valentine’s Day Cards! 

My friend wanted to create something to carry this mission of “Share Kindness & Love” all year long, so she came up with this Valentine’s Day mailbox craft to do with her family. 

 family mail box DIY
I’m looking forward to all the fun my family will have, giving messages of love and kindness (plus a few sweets) to each other this upcoming month and throughout the year.

To complete projects, I love to be resourceful; thus, this is an up-cycled inspiration that is simple, quick, and affordable.  

up cycled mailbox

Valentine Mailbox Materials: 

Directions to Create Valentine’s day Boxes

  1. ​Cut your boards to the length you would like that fits your space. For my house layout, our bedrooms all surround a little central wall that was a perfect location for our Valentine’s Mail Box Hub.
               –>> Another wonderful idea, especially if your family bedrooms are spread throughout your home, is to make individual mailboxes next to each bedroom door around your house.
  2. Use your hand-sander to smooth the edges, especially the back, where you will attach the velcro. Make sure to remove all sand dust before attaching the velcro adhesive otherwise, it will not stick…I did that on my first attempt …HA!
  3. Place your metal envelope holders on your wood. I used a visual eye for placement, but a tape measure is always welcome if you like to be exact.
  4. Once positioned, align nails and use your hammer to nail in, and then simply hang your holders.
  5. Attach your labels to the fronts of your holders as you wish. You could even let each child or family member decorate their mailbox as they desire for more fun.
  6. TO HANG: Attach the velcro per package description to the back of your wood and press firmly to a clean, wiped wall.

mail box diy

Your DIY Valentine’s Day Mailboxes are complete! This is a simple project that can take as little as 15 minutes on a lazy weekend day or a hectic one, for that matter! I hope you enjoyed this little project, and, more importantly, it adds something fun that invites your family to spread messages and surprises of love, encouragement, and kindness ALL YEAR LONG!

valentine Mail Box DIY

You can also make a Valentine’s Day Mailbox out of a cereal box.

Here are a few more Valentine’s Day Ideas: 

  Thanks to Stefanie is sharing her Valentine’s Day Mailbox idea with us! 

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