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I’ve shared several vegan dishes in the past, but today I wanted to share more with you!   If you are curious about Plant-Based Recipes or are interested in making a Plant-Based Meal plan … this is a great place to start!   
Ps- These are great plant-based recipes for beginners because they are easy to make & come from ingredients that are easy to find. 

There are so many benefits to eating a whole-food, plant-based diet.  The more fruits and vegetables that we can add to our diet, the better we will feel!  Eating a diet rich in plant proteins, and low in processed foods is going to help us to be healthier overall with so many benefits including a lower risk of heart disease!   I love finding dinner recipes, to add to our vegan diet, like the ones I’m sharing today.

Plant based meal plan

Vegan Main Dishes

Many of these vegan meals are protein-rich plant-based recipes.   They include recipes from simple foods like sweet potatoes & black beans, to more elaborate recipes like stir fry with essential amino acids.  Once you are making these plant-based diet recipes more often, they’ll all become second nature.  The great part is that even the plant-based dinner recipes that have multiple ingredients are still easy vegan recipes that anyone can make!   

Vegan Meat Substitutes

Instead of relying on animal protein for our protein, many plant-based meals consist of plant-based protein. These recipes, below, are my go-to vegan dinner recipes.   There are many recipes in this list that call for meat, but I have been able to use vegetarian meat substitutes.   

Here are some Vegan Meat Alternatives:

Vegan Protein Powders (Plant-Based Protein Powder)

Although these recipes listed below are all easy to make, I will have a vegan protein shake if I’m in a rush.  I usually use Vanilla Pea Milk in place of cow milk, but many of my friends like soy milk or almond milk.   Here are some that I’ve tried & have liked in the past: 

30+ Plant-Based Recipes for your Family Dinner

Plant Based Recipes (Main Dish)

These Plant-Based Recipes are wonderful! They make great vegan main dishes and they are great for family dinners. There are all sorts of vegan recipes on this list! These are all part of a whole-food, plant-based diet.

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  1. My brother who is almost a vegan usually finds difficulty in preparing dishes for him this post will surely make his day and help him in preparing for himself will surely share it with him for his reference thank you so much for sharing this.

  2. Love your recipes! I’m a Family Lifestyle and Food Blogger in the exact same situation as you, I’m a vegetarian and my husband (and kids) are carnivores. It’s so fun to stumble upon your website given we are in the same situation. I love to cook and create recipes myself. If you ever want to collaborate, I’d love to! Your recipes look delicious! I’ve learned to be very flexible with my cooking to try and accomodate all dietary styles in my family.