Day 6 & 7: The Mudroom: Make a Mudroom Bench

If you are just beginning this journey with me, I recommend you start at the beginning of…  “40 days to an organized house“.

Moving onto Day 6 & 7 : Make a Mudroom bench
Make a mudroom bench

When we moved into our home, it did not have a mud room and it really didn’t have a place for one, either.  We were using the coat closet by our garage door, since we came in through the garage.  There is a guest room near the back entrance, but I didn’t want to convert a whole room into a mud room, so we had to think outside of the box.

My husband decided to make a mudroom bench for me. (He can make just about anything!)  He took a corner of the wall and decided that we could use that spot.  You an see the garage door beside our “Mud Room” area.  We can just walk in and immediately put everything away.
make a mudroom bench backpacks

How he made this (in 3 hours plus paint-drying time):

After he bought the materials, he painted everything in our garage before making this.

First he took one sheet of ply-wood, cut to size and he made the box frames for the bench (nailed together using a nail gun)
make your mudroom bench 022

Next, he bought the legs (already cut just how he wanted them) and he added those.

He put the bench against the wall (with the legs on it) and then he put the bead-board right where he wanted it (right on top of the bench). Attach this with nails (nail gun)
make your mudroom bench 015
make your mudroom bench 016
make your mudroom bench 017

He used the trim-pieces to frame the corners & the edges and used 1X3’s to trim the rest of the bead-board.

A few days later, he added a standard 8-inch wide board for the shelf. He bough the wooden shelf-brackets to support it.

make your mudroom bench 021

Last touches: He sprayed a clear-coat on it to protect it. We added the hooks. Both were double-hooks to maximize the space.

make your mudroom bench 018

make your mudroom bench 020

My Mom found the baskets for me and I bought the vinyl letters for $3 (I still have so many left over).

I decided not to have it padded because I didn’t want to have to worry about cleaning the seat (since they have their shoes here), but you could easily do this.

I also did not add baskets to the top because, although I have three boys that will one day (soon) be taller than me, I am only 4’11 and can not reach the top shelf. My husband can reach it just fine and I know that our boys will soon reach it and they can have a basket, at that time, to keep their things (keys) in. My daughter and I will just have to make-due without one. (Why didn’t I lower the shelves? Their backpacks & coats would drag on the bench and I didn’t want that).
making a mud room

You could do this anywhere. You could EASILY turn a coat closet into a mini-mud room by adding a bench and a few hooks and baskets (remember to utilize the side walls with some extra hooks or just nails to hang things on)


Good luck with this. Decide where you want to have your spot. Remember that you can buy pre-made shelves or benches. (I know that walmart has benches for $50 and Ikea has some great units like this, already put together). Get a few baskets for shoes, some hooks for coats & backpacks and you are all set! This won’t take you long at all.

REMINDER: Pick an area that is close to where you come in. If you come in the front door, add one there (We rarely come in our front door, so I just have a cute little coat-hook spot on the wall and a little wicker basket for shoes there). It is mostly for guests.

If you want to see the full index for the 40 days of organization, see it here.  You can pick where you want to go next (kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, outside….)
Or are you ready to move onto Day 7: storage in the living room. (Hiding toys!)



Do you want a whole book devoted just to de-cluttering and organizing?  Here you go:




  1. says

    You are featured this week on Busy Monday at A Pinch of Joy! I hope you will stop by and grab a Featured Button from the Button Box on the sidebar. Pinned. Can’t wait to see what else you’ve been working on!

  2. Ashley says

    Hi Becky, I am really enjoying reading this. It has inspired me….at least for now. Being organized does not come naturally for me. I am a creative dreamer….so sometimes things are a bit chaotic. But I really think your great tips are going to lead me to some improvement. I also have 4 little blessings 6 and under, come this summer we will have 5, 6 and under:)


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