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A new year tends to throw everyone in to organization mode. These 25 tips will help get you started organizing your home this new year and save you time.

 organization hacks - your modern family

1) Create beautiful storage when you upcycle tins and cans. It is a great way to save money on storage containers when you use what you already have.

2) Use ice cube trays to organize small items.

3) Sheets can easily get lost and misplaced in closets.One way to keep your linen closet organized is to place the sheets in the pillowcase.

4) Toys are a constant battle in my house. I love the idea of keeping toys rotated to help with toy clutter.

5) Use baskets to keep toys contained in your house.

6) Place kids bowls and plates in a location where they can have access to.

7) Create an organization station to hold and sort important papers.

8) Make a DIY organizer with a few pieces of wood to hang inside of a cabinet door to hold your foil, saran wrap, and more.

9) Library books can easily go missing which I why I love these practical tips to help keep track of your library books.

10) Use crates to create room on walls for storage.

11) Keep recipes organized by sorting them into a 3 ring binder.

A dish strainer turned into an organizer holding folders and pencils.

12) Re-purpose the unused dish drainer to hold files or papers.  (you can get one here) 

13) Maintain a clean and welcoming entryway by using a basket for shoes near the entry way. Goodbye cluttered shoes!

14) Do you collect anything? If so, then you know how cluttered collections can get. How about using mason jars to help contain and showcase your collections?!

15) Keep twine, string, yarn, or ribbon untangled and organized by storing it in a dispenser.

16) Use old coffee containers to hold pantry staples. All you need is a little paint to revive these and turn them into a beautiful item on your counter.

17) Use plastic shoebox bins to store and organize a variety of items. These are usually found around $1 or less.  We keep our toys separated with these bins (cars in one, superhero characters in one…) and we also use them for leveled-reader books in our kid’s rooms.


18) Store winter hats, scarves, and mittens in an over-the-door hanger.

19) Put homework right on the fridge with a giant magnet– no more lost homework!  Every night, when they are done working on it, they hang it right back on the fridge.

20) Grab a hanger and put shower rings on it…  Tape the rings together with scotch tape and then use it to organize all of your cute scarves and keep them from getting lost in the closet.

21) Create a command center in your home to help keep things organized.

22) Use an ottoman with hidden storage to hold and organize games, blankets, extra pillows, etc.

23) Children bring home so many special papers. Store your child’s work in a special binder just for them.

24) Use plastic folders to organize scrapbook paper and stickers.

25) If you have deeper drawers in the kitchen, create sections and store your silverware vertically.

For more tips, I’ve organized my 40 days to home organization into this one e-book, adding in a few chapters on de-cluttering.

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I’m Becky, a former elementary school teacher turned certified child development therapist and blogger. I work at home with my husband and together we are raising (and partially homeschooling) our four children in the Carolinas. I love diet coke, ice cream, and spending time with my family.

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  1. A great list of resources! I don’t have children yet (but will in about 2 months!), but I struggle against the clutter monster on the daily. I’ll be trying some of these hacks to get my small space under control before the wee one gets here.