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Do you remember being little and playing that game where you had to close your eyes and your friend would grab something out of the pantry and give you a bite.  Then, you had a guess what it was?   Well my friend and I played it constantly when we were little and now I play it with the kids.  Of course, we have some rules, like no hot sauce, salt, etc…  but they just love it!  When CVS asked me to write a sponsored post around their new limited edition cashew flavors from CVS, I knew exactly what I was going to do. 🙂

I went out and grabbed 3 packs of the limited edition cashew flavors from CVS Pharmacy’s exclusive Gold Emblem line and told everyone in our family (Mickey, too) to vote on which one was the best.  They had to close their eyes and I gave the one cashew from each container:

Here were their choices: Thai Spice, Coconut and Dill Pickle.  Mickey and I both voted for Dill Pickle.  Allie, Jack and Ethan all voted for Coconut.  Beau voted for Thai Spice- I’m not too surprised!  He loves flavors like that.  So, I submitted each vote here (and then got to coupon for $1 off).


Busy holiday seasons can be “nutty”, can’t it?  Here are a few ideas of things to do when you are home with your family, to just stop doing the nutty things, like a million parties and cookie exchanges, and instead just enjoy your family: 

  • Pin the Nose on the Reindeer by Living on the Crafty Side of Life
  • Make TMNT Ornaments:
    teenage mutant ninja turtle ornament
  • Make Salt Dough Ornaments:
  • Bake Christmas Cookies and let your kids decorate them:cookies8
  •  Go Fishing for Candy Canes by 3 Boys and a Dogfishing-for-candy-canes
  • Make SnowMan Pancakes:
    snowman pancakes
  • Paint the snow: 
    paint snow 4
  • Build an Igloo
    build an igloo - instructions
  • Play the “what’s your favorite game” and then go cast your vote here:
    (from top to bottom: Coconut, Thai Spice, Dill Pickle)
    They are made by Gold Emblem.  Gold Emblem contains more than 250 great-tasting snacks, beverages, and groceries with both crowd favorites and unique flavors – including nuts, trail mixes, chips, pretzels, dried fruits, candies, cookies, spices, juices, condiments, baking essentials and breakfast bars.   I love it because CVS Pharmacy is making it easier and more convenient for customers to opt for high-quality, flavorful choices nationwide, with tasty combinations to appeal to a wide variety of preferences.  It works out well for me, because we have a CVS about 1 mile from our house, so we can run in there and grab what we need for our family or when company is coming.Do you want to win a  Gold Emblem “nutty” prize pack?  
    Leave a comment with your favorite flavor and and follow @CVSPharmacy on Instagram for a chance to win!  (If you post your favorite flavor, use the hashtag:  #CVSSnackandVote

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