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Today we got a lot of snow and the kids were SO excited!

We decided to spray paint the snow

Have fun PAINTING the snow!- INSIDE!    Our kids LOVED this!

Fill up spray bottles with water and food coloring (about 10 drops).

Paint the Snow 2

The kids took their spray bottles and went outside to paint the snow.  After a few minutes, they were ready to come back inside, but they didn’t want to stop playing.
(Now that we live in NC, we don’t have that warm winter gear that we had when we lived in PA.) 

paint snow 1

So~ we took my friend’s advice and brought the snow indoors!  (Thanks, Kristy!)

paint snow 3

  • Set it in your kitchen sink or in your bath tub.
  • PLAY!  You can paint the snow, scoop it, put toys into it.  Whatever you want to do!

paint snow 4

Have fun!
This is also a great science activity because they can see how to blend colors to make new ones!

paint snow 5

We ended the day by making Snow Ice Cream (5 cups snow, 1 c. sugar, 1 T vanilla, 1-2 cups milk (depending on consistency) – eat immediately.

Painting the snow…  this is a great kid activity!!

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