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I shared this stained glass sidewalk chalk idea last year because our kids LOVED it, so I updated it and wanted to share it again this summer!  I  hope you enjoy making sidewalk chalk art with your family! ♥

If I had to pick a favorite outdoor activity to do with the kids, it would have to be making chalk art with sidewalk chalk.   When our kids are at home or looking for things to do outside – I can always suggest easy chalk art activities.   They love to find things to draw with chalk and so do I.

Chalk Art For Kids:  Stained Glass Sidewalk Art 

It’s important to find some ways to keep ourselves & our kids busy, not just with busywork, but brainwork (as my mom put it).  When they are done doing schoolwork or learning on one of these awesome free educational websites (for kids), I try to get them outside for some playtime.   I love this idea from my friend, Della, at The Copper Top Chronicles.

She and her daughters made this beautiful sidewalk chalk design with painter’s tape & sidewalk chalk.  It looks just like colorful stained glass on her driveway.

Chalk Art

Below are the directions, pictures & affiliates links to make this stained glass chalk art!

Sidewalk chalk is inexpensive; you can purchase it by the dozen (or more).  We experiment with spray chalk, wet chalk, dry chalk, chalk paint, 3d chalk, and glitter sidewalk chalk!  Plus, it’s perfect for all ages.  There are endless sidewalk chalk ideas!

Sidewalk Chalk Ideas

I think that I love sidewalk chalk because you can use it for fun activities like this sidewalk chalk stained-glass idea… to a cool street painting in front of the house (you don’t have to be one of those fantastic pavement artists or street artists to make fun pavement art! It’s just about having fun!)
My friend drew beautiful butterflies all along her driveway & street in front of her house.

Kids have such great imaginations!  With a bit of encouragement, they can think of chalk ideas like drawing roads for scooters or tracing life-sized versions of themselves.

Street Chalk Art for kids to ride scooters & bikes on

Not only is it used for games or a fun art project, but drawing and writing with chalk is a great way to have fun while furthering their education!  Kids can use it when writing their spelling words or sight words.

We’ve been making sidewalk chalk art for as long as I can remember, and I’m sure we’ll be using sidewalk chalk for many, many more years.   Plus, sidewalk chalk is messy enough that the kids love it but easy enough to clean up that I love it, too.   🙂

Chalk Art - A fun Stained-Glass SIDEWALK CHALK IDEA!

How do you make Stained Glass with Sidewalk Chalk? 

You can make this chalk art design by adding tape to the ground in a fun geometric design.  Let the kids make it by giving each child a long strip of painter’s tape & letting them make the next line… jump in if they need a little direction or help.

Chalk Art

Next, give them as many different colors of sidewalk chalk as you can find in the house… the more, the merrier!

Then, let each child color a square until you have a beautiful stained glass chalk design.   This is chalk art at its finest!   It looks so awesome when it’s done.  The kids loved the outcome!

Chalk Art

Try This chalk Art Idea!

Another fun chalk art idea would be to leave a few squares not-colored-in. Leave the chalk out and let your neighbors fill in the rest as they bike or walk by. Seeing how it was filled in or added to by someone in the neighborhood would make it a fun surprise for the kids. 🙂

Chalk Art

This is a fun math homeschool activity to teach the kids about geometry, fractions, shapes, art, gross motor skills, and more!    Get creative and make a fun lesson out of it!

If nothing else, it’s just an awesome way to get the kids outside for some fresh air & Vitamin D!    And who knows… maybe your child is just waiting to be the next big chalk artist…  all of this chalk art practice may bring out their inner Julian Beever or Kurt Wenner. 😉   If not, it’s certainly a fun activity!

Chalk Art

If you are looking for more sidewalk chalk activities, check out these life-sized chalk games that I’ve posted here.   It’s where I am sharing neighborhood ideas like rock hunts, making street art, having a scavenger hunt, and more!

Chalk Art - Chalk Games on the driveway

Another fun way to keep your kids busy is to remind them of the games that you played with you were their age!    How many times did you toss a bean bag into the cornhole board?   Or make cool hopscotch art ideas on your driveway?

games we used to play as kids

Here are a few more ideas for kids:

Dinosaur from Toilet Paper Rolls 

toilet paper roll dinosaur skeleton

DIY non-messy Fluffy Slime

Fluffy Slime (no-stick slime)

Free Educational Websites for Kids 


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