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This Easter White Chocolate Bark is so good!  It doesn’t take much to inspire me to pull out the chocolate! Now that spring is finally here, we are celebrating with DIY Bunny ears and Easter treats for the kids!  This Springtime Bark Candy takes just a few ingredients and it is VERY easy to make.   It’s the perfect recipe to make with your kids.

Two pictures of White Chocolate bark candy  with text between them.

Hi guys! I’m Lisa from Fun Money Mom and I’m excited to be stopping by to share my recipe for this Springtime Inspired White Chocolate Bark.  I’m a southern girl through and through and when cold winter weather rolls around, I am not a happy camper. When I lived in Atlanta, the winters were just way too cold for me and I’d count down the days until spring arrived. It might still be chilly in spring but at least I’d know that winter was in the rearview mirror, at least for awhile.

Now we live in Florida and while the winters are a whole lot better, spring is still one of my favorite seasons. Nothing says spring more than colorful flowers and since I had these candy flowers left over from my daughter’s Moana birthday cake, I thought I’d put them to good use.

I love making chocolate bark and the great thing about this white chocolate bark is that it’s both easy to make and you hardly need any ingredients. If you have candy flowers, a bag of white chocolate chips and some sprinkles, you’re good to go.

Easter White Chocolate Bark Directions: 

Start by covering a cookie sheet with wax paper. Next, you’ll need to melt your white chocolate. While the microwave is perfect for melting regular chocolate, white chocolate can be trickier to work with. It’s best to melt it over low heat on the stove. If you don’t, there’s a very good chance it will seize up and become impossible to work with.

You can melt the chocolate in a double boiler if you have one. If not, there’s an easy alternative. Fill a saucepan with an inch or two of boiling water. Once the water is boiling, turn the heat to low, place a glass bowl over the saucepan and pour the chips into it.

Chocolate chips for white chocolate bark

Stir frequently until the chips are completely melted, then spread evenly over the wax paper. Add green jimmies for grass.

White chocolate bark with green jimmies

Next, sprinkle on a few pastel candy sequins for color.

White chocolate bark with sequin sprinkles

Finally, add the candy flowers. Refrigerate for at least an hour, then break into large pieces. A 12 ounce bag of white chocolate chips makes about 8-10 pieces.

Springtime Inspired White Chocolate Bark

These are perfect for teacher gifts and birthday goody bags. You can even add egg-shaped decorations to make Easter treats. Don’t forget to save a few for yourself though!

White Chocolate Bark from above


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Thanks to Lisa at Fun Money Mom for sharing today’s recipe. You can find her on Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Pinterest / YouTube. You can also find Lisa sharing tips on how to live a beautiful life on a budget at Beautiful Budget Life and writing about her travels at

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