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Easter Activities are always fun for kids and for the whole family.  As Lent ends and Easter begins, everyone looks for new ways to celebrate the season. This year, here are 25 tried and true ways your family can celebrate Easter.

A bunch of different colored Easter eggs.

(1) Have an Easter Scavenger Hunt with your family.

2). Create cute Easter Peep S’mores
Cookies made to look like a sandwich

(3) Make Surprise Rice Krispy Treats & put them in a plastic Easter Egg for the perfect shape!
Plastic Easter eggs used to make rice cereal eggs.

(4) Build Easter egg towers (perfect stem problem) 

Plastic Easter eggs stacked together.

(5) Fill their baskets with unique items this year.

Easter basket fillers

(6) Have a fun activity with planting a lily together.

(7) Get creative with felt Easter eggs.

(8) Make little Bunny Baskets for teachers or to keep at home.
Plastic cups with candy in them with bunny ears as decorations.

(9) Take a unique spin on Easter eggs with chalk paint! easter

(10) Entertain little ones by letting them make an Easter Wreath. 
An Easter wreath.

(11) Create a jelly bean tree together.

A boy making an Easter Tree with jelly beans.

(12) Try a glow-in-the-dark Easter egg hunt.

(13) Mix things up and use a non-Easter basket.
Sign the different kinds of Easter baskets.

(14) Have fun with Easter egg rockets.

(15) Put together a special Easter  Cookie together.

Easter Bunny cookies.

(16) Make an adorable keepsake with tulip feet painting.

A close up of painted  flowers made from children\'s footprints.

(17) Turn play dough into a spring-themed playtime.

(18) Add an extra element of fun with bunny tracks in your house.

 Easter Bunny tracks on the floor.

(19) Have fun making Minion Easter Eggs.

Plastic eggs decorated like Minions.

What unique Easter ideas would you add to the list?  Let us know in the comments! 

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