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This craft project, for a cute Kid’s DIY Easter Wreath, is easy and very kid friendly- I’m sure you are going to love it!
KIDS DIY Easter Wreath

Supply List:

  • Paper or Styrofoam Plate
  • Crepe Streamers (you could probably use tissue paper too)
  • Construction Paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors


A paper plate project with the center cut out of the plate and text below it.

First cut out the middle of your plate to create a wreath base. We recycled Styrofoam plates which made for a more firm base.

A close up of a green crepe paper.

I used a roll of green crepe streamers for the body of the wreath. The kids liked to roll it off and had a blast just playing with the streamers.

A close up of green crepe paper with text above it.

We fan folded the streamers to help create the ruffle effect.

A close up of a green crepe paper and a white paper plate with text above it.

After the streamers were fan folded, we folded them in half width-wise, added the glue to the middle, and glued them to the plate.

Green crepe paper glued to a white paper plate.

We did this all the way around the place in two rows.

A close up of scissors and pink construction paper with text below them.

The flowers are made with the same basic principle. We took construction paper and cut out strips.

Folded construction paper with text below it.

We glued two strips together. After the glue dries, fan fold the paper the whole length. The smaller the fold would make fuller flowers.

Folded construction paper made into a circle with text above it.

After the paper is folded, take one end and glue it to the other creating the circle. Then glue the middle to create the flower.

A completed Easter Wreath with a paper bunny in the center.

We then added a circle we cut out to the top to create the center of the flower.

A brown paper bunny in the center of the wreath with text above it.

The bunny is cut from construction paper and glued to the back of the plate.

Kid Friendly Easter Wreath

I hope you enjoyed my project as I know we had a great time making it!

Thank You From Becka at Probably Crafting
A close up of a colorful text.




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