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It is about that time again and many moms are hoping to stay more organized this school year as the papers start to fill the homes. Check out these tips to help you get organized for the school year- and stay organized!

A collage of organizing items.

1- Start a routine a little ahead of time so that your kids have time to adjust.  These 25 tips will get you started in the right direction every day.

2- Create space in your home for a command center where all schedules are.


3- Set out supplies already organized for homework.  You can build this homework desk for under $10.


4- Use a simple trick with your refrigerator to keep track of the homework papers.

homework 1

5- Get in the habit of placing the important items by the door.  Backpacks, shoes, jackets…

6- Organize your clothes for the entire week ahead of time.  Grab an organizing rack & have the clothes ready to go!

7- Set hooks in a low spot on the wall where the kids can easily hang up their own bags.   Or you can use a station like this one (get DIY directions here):


8- Put together easy and quick breakfasts for busy mornings.

9- Tired of making lunch everyday? Start preparing lunch one time for the whole week!

10- Create charts to help your kids know what is next in the day.

11- Make time to go through the closet and sort through the unneeded clothes in the kids’ closets, prior to school starting back.

12- Add little daily tags to the hangers in the closet for easy outfit ideas.  This will help your kids know what to wear every day, if you keep their clothes in the closet.

13- Grab some file folders to have on hand to hold all of the papers that will come home.

14- Create landing zones in your home and teach your family where these are.

15- Have a system to keep track of the library books.   We keep ours in a basket in the living room.  No one is allowed to take them out of the basket without my permission.

16- Wake up early- it will start your day off right and you can be more prepared.   Wake up just 20 minutes earlier than your kids & you will be ready when they wake up.

17- Start a new method to keep track of all the treasured papers from school.  This is what we do:

school work 006

18- Have your emergency kit prepared ahead of time for the unexpected illnesses.

19- A dry erase calendar is perfect for a family to stay organized with, and you can make your own!

20- My best tip of all?  Start their day off with encouragement.  As you inch closer & closer to the beginning of the school year, think about how you are impacting your child ever day.  A kind word and kiss goodbye every morning will help your child to take on the day with a positive attitude. 🙂


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