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School may be different this year, and if we’re not ready or organized, things can quickly become chaotic. Papers, homework, and artwork everywhere!    Luckily, we’ve put together some clever homework organization ideas as well as a cute homework station and ways to display your kids’ artwork.

Homework organization ideas and cool ways to display your kids' artwork

1). If you have space, a designated homework station is a lifesaver. You don’t have to worry about papers and school supplies getting scattered all throughout the house because everything is right where you and your kids need it.

2). Keep a homework box handy with the supplies your child needs to complete homework without distractions.

3). My friend, Desirée, has the best homework station – it is genius. All the school supplies and to-do lists are stuck to a magnetic board. You can find the tutorial here.  I love the with evening checklists to ensure that homework is completed, backpacks are ready and clothes are set out for the next day.  (Even virtual schools require kids to be ready & dressed… not in pajamas… for class, so this works for everyone). 

4). I love this backpack and homework center. No backpacks littering the floor, and each child has cubbies for shoes or books.  Paperwork can go in baskets up top, too! 

A bunch of items that are on display

5). Use a curtain wire to hang your children’s art and craft projects. Check out the vertical and horizontal pockets on her walls, too, for managing incoming papers and homework!

7). A set of drawers (with labels) are a great idea for managing and organizing homework and art supplies. Clear drawers are even better, as you can easily see what’s inside. (Helpful for kids who can’t read yet.)

8). If you don’t have a designated area for homework, you can still stay organized with a portable homework station that your kids can take to the kitchen table, to the living room, etc.


9).  You don’t have to get fancy with homework organization. One practical tip is to use magnetic clips for each child to keep their homework on the fridge. Simple, but effective. 

  1. Print it out.
  2. Hang it up with a clip.
  3. Take it off to work on it.
  4. Complete it. Submit it.  

10).  If you homeschool (or if your kids just need extra practice) individual work binders can be a huge help. Brilliant!

Parent Organization (for checking homework):

1). What’s missing from many homework stations? A parent basket! What a great way to keep up with papers that you have to hang on to for a while.

2). You’re a busy mom, so you may not have time to process those papers right away. An organizing basket works well!  Have a 2 or 3 spot hanging file: 1). “Please check”   2). “Working on it”  3).“Done” hanging caddy may be just what you need.  

3). Individual cork boards are a smart idea, too.  Process the papers right away when the kids get home from school, and homework, spelling words, etc. are pinned to the child’s corkboard. 

4). My favorite one is more of a keepsake idea.  Every year you’ll have a handful of things that you want to save for each child. Start a file storage system now with a folder for each grade.

Other Helpful Homework Ideas

  1. Homework Planning Sheet. 
    Homework and Organization sheet
  2. Organize their school work
    organize school work
  3. Get your kids ready quicker
    Helping kids get ready for school quicker in the morning (stress free)

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  1. Hi Becky! Thank you for featuring the backpack and paper organizer, but that originally came from Pneumatic Addict’s blog. She did a guest post on my blog, but it originally appeared on her blog. Thanks!

  2. What great organizational ideas. I love the printable homework sheet. That should help my son stay more organized. I am pinning it now. Thanks!