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Between schoolwork, online work, homework, products, submitting work, and more, you might feel like you don’t have enough time in the day to plan and complete it.  To keep track of these things and make them a little more manageable, we wanted to give you this free homework planning sheet.  It will help you and your child stay on top of their work.   

Homework and Organization sheet

I think the hardest part of the homework is learning how to budget time.  This lesson is hard for students to learn (even adults still struggle in this area!).   It’s important to teach our kids to budget & organize their time.  Time management skills are one of the best things we can teach our children. To help our kids tackle the time-management portion of homework, I give them this Homework Planning Sheet every week.

On top of that, making a “to-do” list helps kids see what has to be done and allows them to check things off once it’s finished.  This gives them a sense of accomplishment.   

This homework planner offers students the benefit of writing down all their tasks, reviewing what they must do, and budgeting their time to fit it all in.   

Homework planning sheet for kids

It gives them a chance to look at the upcoming week and write down everything that they have to do for the week.  They can see exactly what needs to be done and when they need to do it.    We write in things like practice or appointments on certain days, so they can see where they will have limited time.

This homework planner is an easy way to help our kids with time management and organization.

Why do children fall behind on classwork? 

  1. Procrastination.  Are they setting aside enough time to complete their work?   Are they doing it before other things each day (before relaxing, sports, etc.)
  2. Confusion.  Does your child understand the material and what they are asked to do for their homework? 
    Sometimes children ignore their homework because it is too confusing, and they are embarrassed to ask for help, admitting failure. 

Tips to Remember While Doing School Work at Home: 

  1. Have a designated spot.   
    It allows them to stay focused.  They understand that this area is for working and school work. We have this DIY Homework Station that we built with materials from Ikea.  Check out the details here: IKEA HOMEWORK STATION DIRECTIONS.

    homework station
  2. Keep their to-do work Organized with an Organizing Station: 
    Creating a homework station with their paperwork is another great way to keep your kids organized. 
    Clever ways to organize homework and artwork
  3. Have a system for completed work. 
    When our kids finish their work and it has been submitted, we keep it in case the teacher can’t find it later (emails get lost, and I didn’t want our kids to have to repeat the work).   We kept one bin per child.
    We would paperclip the work from the week together and a piece of paper with the date on it (paperclipped to the top of the pile).  We’d throw it into the bin.  Simple. 
  4. Use this time to teach your child time-management skills. 
    Work before play.   It’s a lesson best learned when your child is young. 
  5. Use our Homework Organization Tip (which has worked for us for several years.)
homework organization tip -


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