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Thinking about planning a Disney Themed Party?   It’s never too early to start planning and you’ve come to the right place! 

After taking several trips to Disney (check out how we go for half-price), looking at the changes to Cinderella’s Castle, and planning another Disney Trip for this year, it’s not a surprise that our kids would ask for a Disney themed party.   We’ve had them in the past and I’m sure we’ll have more in the future.   

Disney Themed Party Ideas  

Today, I’ve gathered together as many adorable Disney Party Ideas as I could find, so I could share them all in one place… 

Disney themed birthday party ideas

Disney Party GAMES:
Game #1:  Design a new Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!

So since our theme was Mickey’s Magical Math World, I had them DESIGN a Clubhouse or Treehouse for their first activity.  

disney party ideas

The goal was to make a Magical Treehouse for all of their Disney friends. 

disney 5

Disney Party Game #2: Draw Mickey With Your Eyes Closed! 

Have each child close their eyes & draw!   Give them a paper plate (plain white) and have them put it on their heads.
Now give them a marker and ask them to draw Mickey Mouse without looking at the plate (it stays on top of their head.) 

Child playing game at party with plate on his head
The kids have to draw Mickey Mouse’s body, from the directions that you will give to them, once they have the plate on their head.  Here are some examples: 

  • Draw Mickey’s feet 
  • Draw Mickey’s hands
  • Draw Mickey’s ears
  • Draw his nose
  • Draw his shorts
  • Add the buttons
  • Draw his shoes
  • Add eyes
  • Don’t forget the tail. 
  • Put a present in his hand
  • Draw a car beside him so he can go to visit Minnie. 

You can add more details based on how hard or easy you want this to be.   They get one point for each thing that they drew correctly and in the right places (like drawing Mickey’s feet below his body and not on top of his head.)    Your kids are in for a laugh when they play this game! 



Disney Birthday Party Ideas

Today we are sharing our favorite Disney Birthday Party Ideas! Find Disney ideas for recipes, decorations, games and more!

Here Are A Few More Birthday Party Ideas:

bike birthday party
how to go to Disney at half price


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  1. Oh my goodness I am in love with these ideas – the Oreo lollipops looks so beautiful and scrumptious, and I particularly love the game where the children have to colour without looking – such a simple but fun idea! I actually came here looking for inspiration for my niece’s 6th birthday party, as my sister has asked me to help out! However I have two boys, so my parties have all very much been along the pirate/star wars/super hero ilk – not to mention that I normally use a party planner to do my parties (their name is Dazzle and Fizz if anyone is interested) , so I am very much out of my depth here! I’m very nervous about the whole thing as I’m not a very creative person, but posts like yours are really helping me come up with some great ideas – which hopefully my niece will love, so thank you x