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Today’s we have a Disney Insider sharing the Top 5 MUST-SEE changes to Cinderella’s Castle at Disney!  Walt Disney World is in its final stages of all of the massive preparation required for its 50th Anniversary. It’s going to be a big Disney party, especially with Project Gamma revitalizing EPCOT to essentially a brand new park.

Don’t worry, though, World Showcase and the spirit of Future World will remain intact. as the park crosses the threshold into the 21st century and beyond. Meanwhile, over at The Magic Kingdom, things are really gearing up for the big 5-0.

It feels like just yesterday that Cinderella’s castle was transformed into a giant birthday cake… and now it will be more majestic than ever! 

5 Must-See changes to Cinderella's Castle!

Five changes coming to Cinderella’s Castle

This year Walt Disney World is taking another crack at the Theme Park centerpiece with a slightly different approach. If you plan to visit Walt Disney World in 2020 You may notice some changes coming to Cinderella’s castle. Here is what to expect now and in the coming months.

1. 🗓️ New Show Schedule (on the Castle Stage) 🗓️

The first thing to happen to Cinderella’s castle is a change in the show schedule out in front. The Castle Stage will be shut down during the day so work can be done. The moat has already been drained and dammed. Excavators are already in position and prepping the castle for its summer makeover.

Although the evening fireworks will remain the same, Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire has already begun its new schedule of evening performances at 5:15, 6:30 and 7:30. Keep that in mind on your future visits until the work on the castle is complete

2. 👸🏼The towers are getting new (dark) stone 👸🏼

One of the big changes to the castle is that the pale gray stone features at the base of the castle and in the surrounding towers will be darkened up with bold more saturated colors. The new deeper gray coloration shown in concept art revealing the new castle look pops out of the background and draws the eye into the castle.

5 changes to Cinderella's Castle at Disney

3. The castle walls will be painted pink

The concept art also reveals that the walls will take on a deeper hue as well. The current walls are so pail a distant onlooker might suppose that the castle is white. This new change to Cinderella’s Castle will make the biggest difference in how guests perceive the changes. The Pale pink will give way to a very rich combination of pinks that will resemble the vividness of the color in Sleeping Beauty’s castle at Disneyland. The whole makeover of Cinderella’s castle is very similar to the changes made to Sleeping Beauty’s castle last year. It’s the first time the two castles have truly resembled one another.

4. 🏰 New (blue) turrets will make it look more fantasy-like. 🏰

The turrets are the small towers that rise above the main tower (usually coming to a point).  They often serve as a lookout point, or simply for decoration.   
As far as the turrets for Cinderella’s castle… new Royal blue turrets will take the place of the current lighter colored ones to complete the transformation and the color scheme. Overall the depiction of the castle is more illustrative of a Fantasy realm than a more realistic medieval castle.

5. Line it with GOLD!

The whole castle will get a gold trim to accentuate the new changes and add even more elegance and splendor to Cinderella’s castle. these accents will shine from all corners of the castle and radiate with a completely new fantastical feeling to celebrate 50 years of magical changes.

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