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Anybody here love Disneyland? I’m going to imagine millions of hands shooting into the air because, really, who doesn’t love Disney…

Today we have guest poster and DisneyLand enthusiast Danielle, from Busy Mom’s Helper, to share her tips with us.  She and her family are huge Disney fanatics.   She has a wide range of ages in her family, so she has some tips that are helpful for a lot of us.   Today, Danielle is going to share her Must-Have Items for Kids at Disneyland.  Take it away, Danielle…

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“Hi everyone!  We are DisneyLand fans!  When I say a ‘wide range’ of kids ages, I’m not exaggerating – since we usually go with the whole extended family on my side, we’ve had infants as young as two months old on up through the teenage and young adult ages. Today’s list is geared towards what to pack for young kids, maybe up to preteen.

1: Snacks & water bottles

You’re going to be walking – a lot! Unless you want to hear ‘I’m hungry’ every 5 minutes, or spend a fortune constantly nabbing snacks inside the park, be sure to take some to hand out throughout the day. Some that we prefer are fruit snacks, crackers, and granola bars. It’s also a good idea to have a water bottle – you can get free water at counter service places in the park, but this makes it easier to take around with you.

2: Blanket or sheet

If your kid gets tired and needs to rest in the stroller, you can use a blanket or sheet to give them some shade – just make sure it isn’t making them overheat! These are also good if they get cold in the evenings, and are perfect for helping hold your spot for a parade.

3: Sanitizer & wet wipes

If you’ve got kids – or even with most adults – there WILL be messes! Whether it’s Dole Whip all over their hands, chocolate ice cream on their face or they decided to dig in the dirt while in line for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad – you’ll be prepared with some wet wipes and sanitizer (this orange one is my favorite).

4: Activities and Autograph Book

Lines can make the most patient adults go crazy, so imagine it with young kids! Give them something to do with an activity book – such as the ‘Unofficial’ Disneyland Activity & Autograph Book! Lots of coloring, games, even a scavenger hunt for both Disneyland and California Adventure. It has ride checklists and height requirements to make it exciting for them – and easier for you. Plus over 20 of the 66 pages are fun designed autograph pages, from classic characters and princesses, to Star Wars and superhero! Don’t forget a pen, as well!

5: Sunscreen

It’s California, so expect some sun! Don’t ruin a great vacation with a sunburn, especially on their little faces.


6: Pins for trading

While we didn’t get to spend a lot of time pin trading during our previous visits, so many people really enjoy doing this – so if you have some, or even one or two, don’t forget to bring them. Let the kids choose as they trade!  You can find a ton here. 

7: Ziploc Baggies

These are a lifesaver, trust me. If your kid has an accident, you can put their icky clothes in a baggie. If they get sick on a ride, pull out a baggie. My girl got really sick on Star Tours (she’s sensitive) and wouldn’t have made it to the bathroom – good thing we were prepared! They’re also good for leftover snacks.

8: ID Tags for the Kids – I love these phone number Tattoos

You can find all sorts of emergency contact tags, stickers, even temporary tattoos so if you get separated from your child, security has a way to contact you.

9: Cheap Souvenirs/Light up Toys/Etc.

Buying items in the park can really hurt the budget, so plan ahead and nab some Disney things BEFORE the trip from a dollar store or Walmart. Toys, light up bands, lanyards and other random things can keep the kiddos happy, plus save your wallet.

10: Stroller

Hubby and I debated not taking ours on this past trip because YES it slows you down, makes getting through crowds more difficult, and there’s always the possibility of theft.  I’m glad that we took it (I always am).   When they get tired they can rest, or even fall asleep waiting for fireworks. Plus you have a spot to keep your stuff – but do exercise caution, especially with valuables!  This one has the best ratings on Amazon. 

Bonus Item! A Sharpie:

You may need to write on baggies, similar toys or souvenirs, even your kids if you want your phone number in case of them getting lost (also see #8). It doesn’t take up much space but can really come in handy.

Don’t forget to nab your copy of our NEW ‘Unofficial’ Disneyland Activity & Autograph Book today!

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