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How to start running (when you don’t like to run!)

I’m not the running type… well, let me rephrase that: I am not the running type, anymore.  I still love to workout & do workout challenges, but running just isn’t one of the things that I enjoyed, until I found a solution (or trick) that worked.

How to Start Running (when

I used to run. Actually, I really used to enjoy running (what?!)    I think the reason I stopped enjoying it was that I just became so bored.   When I tried to listen to music, I spent more time skipping through songs or trying to find a song that I liked than I did actually running.  I finally found something that works!

I’ve found a solution that has helped me start running:

My solution is to listen to a book while you run.   It’s amazing that something so simple would work, but it does.  I use Audible & just grab a book & go.  If you aren’t familiar with Audible, it is an, Inc. subsidiary, is the leading provider of premium digital spoken audio information and entertainment, offering customers a new way to enhance and enrich their lives every day. They offer a free trial for 30 days, too.

I download a book that I’ve been wanting to read but don’t have time to read.  I decided that this would make running easier… and it has.

Instead of trying to find the perfect song to distract me, I let the words distract me.  It works so much better.  I’ve started to enjoy running!

Here are 5 things that help me get motivated to run:

1- Download a book. You’ll stop thinking about running & start thinking about the story.  It will let you get lost in a book while you are helping your body. A win-win. Help your body, mind & spirit all at the same time.

2- Drink water before you go. I’m not a water-drinker, but I drink water about 30 minutes before I go for a little boost of energy.

3- Go early in the morning. I don’t like people to watch me run (I’m not fast and probably don’t look so graceful) so I run before any neighbors are up.

4- Have headphones that stay on! Mickey let me borrow his headphones once and the whole run was terrible. They didn’t fit and they kept sliding out of my ears. I hated the whole run.  I invested in a pair of headphones that work well & it’s been a million times better.   It’s worth the extra few dollars to have headphones that fit well.

5- Have a backup book. If you read the first one, have a backup so you don’t have to stop. 🙂

TIP:  This also works great for doing housework.  You can do housework while you listen to a book, so you’re distracted and just working hard without even thinking about it.

Personally, I get so much more done this way. I used to watch (or listen to)  TV while I cleaned, but I became easily distracted and just didn’t get it done as quickly as I wanted to. With an audiobook, I can just work without stopping to watch something that has caught my attention. It’s a better solution for me.

Bonus Tip⇒  Remember: You can’t out-run a bad diet, so be sure that you are eating the right way so you can see the results that you want to see.


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  1. I have yet to try Audible but I hear it recommended by so many people! I’m a former runner too but lately have lost the motivation. What are your favorite books on Audible? I want to try it.

  2. Just make sure to keep your eyes up and being aware of your surroundings. Ear buds do a great job of drowning out the outside noise which can make it almost impossible to hear footsteps around you. If someone were to approach you from behind, you may not hear them. Just a tip for all to STAY AWARE! <3

  3. You can also download a lot of good podcasts for free, or older audio books from YouTube, also free.