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These ten simple homemade juice recipes will have you on the road to better health and eating clean, whole foods for you and your children.

ten easy juice recipes for beginners

This post contains affiliate links.

Our kids LOVE to make juice!  (PS- this is the juicer that we have although I kind of wish that we had this oneLOL! )   Either way- you can make these juice recipes, and I think you will find it easier than you thought!

Juicing is a great way to add the full nutritional benefits of raw fruits and vegetables into your diet. However, it’s hard to experience what juicing has to offer if you can’t find blends you like.

Effective juicing is all about combining the strong flavors of nutrient-rich greens with the sweet taste of delicious fruits. This creates drinks that are both good and good for you!

These beginner-friendly juice recipes make common fruits the star of the show for approachable and refreshing blends that virtually anyone will enjoy.

10 Juice Recipes to Make at Home:

simple juice recipes
simple juice recipes

1. Green Light Juice

This blend is packed with the leafy greens most people should be eating but tend to avoid because of the taste. To make this easy introduction to juicing, simply process four large handfuls of spinach, one large cucumber, half a peeled lemon, one apple, and one small carrot.

2. Pineapple Twist Juice

The best way to mask the strong flavors of vegetables is with a blended drink made from fresh fruits and vegetables. Start by finely chopping half a cup of pineapple, one medium green apple (or another type you prefer), cucumber, and six leaves of kale (stems removed) and then blending until smooth!

3. Active Apple

Apples make great juicing ingredients because of their sweetness, which offsets bitter flavors, while lemon adds an inviting citrus kick. Apple lovers are sure to crave seconds of this delicious blend! Combine two medium apples with one peeled lemon, three stalks of celery, two large carrots, and five stems of fresh parsley.

simple juice recipes
simple juice recipes

4. Bluto’s Bane

Popeye the Sailor Man has long demonstrated the positive effects of spinach, and adding it to a juice recipe is a great way to maximize its benefits in your diet. To create this juice, blend six cups of baby spinach together with one whole lemon. Add three small apples, one-third of a cucumber, and a small chunk of ginger.

5. Emerald Warrior

This intensely tasty drink is sweetened with a blend of fruits for a powerful force of nutritional benefits. It combines six cups of spinach with two medium apples, two whole lemons, two peeled oranges, and a small chunk of ginger. Enjoy an irresistibly sweet drink that delivers great vitamins.

6. Morning Energy Booster

This crimson blend includes beets, which help regulate bodily functions. It is sweet and tangy with a strong flavor that will give you some extra energy in the morning! Start by processing one medium beet along with an apple for sweetness. Add a handful of celery leaves and a squeeze of lime juice; this drink has all sorts of health benefits, like increased metabolism due to its healthy ingredients – no wonder everyone around loves it so much around here!

7. Viridian Dew Juice

This blend combines the powerful nutritional benefits of kale and spinach with plenty of sweetening fruits. It is sure to entice even the pickiest little eaters. Start with six large leaves of kale and one cup of spinach. Then add 12 strawberries, two green apples, one lime, and a handful of fresh mint.

8. ABC Juice

This kid-friendly juice blends the sweet flavors of apple, beet, and carrots to create a delicious purple drink that children of all ages will enjoy. Start with one small cored apple, then add four carrots, and add one cup of beet chunks. Serve this over ice. It’s a healthy way to get the entire family on board with juicing.

9. Camouflage Green Juice

There’s no better way to ensure everyone eats their vegetables than by making them effectively invisible to taste. And that’s what this beginner-friendly blend is all about. To create this blend, combine one cup of pineapple chunks with six cups of spinach, one stalk of celery, and one large, peeled tangerine. Chill for an hour before serving in an ice-filled glass.

10. “Ginger Ale” Juice

This fizzy blend is a great alternative for soda addicts. It brings together an inch-thick slice of fresh ginger, two medium parsnips, and two medium, cored pears. Put these in the juicer and blend. When the mixture is blended, separate it into four serving glasses. Finally, add four ounces of carbonated water to each glass to give it that “fizzy” taste & texture.

Juicing can deliver a range of dietary benefits, but it only works if you actually drink the juice. Fortunately, there are a number of delicious juice blends that anyone can test the waters before embarking on their journey of juicing.

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  1. The Pineapple Twist sounds good. Actually several of them sound delicious. 🙂

  2. I am so glad you posted this. I am starting my very first juice cleanse tomorrow and I needed major guidance. There’s soooo much info out there on the internet and it’s really overwhelming. Thank you for posting this, I am much more comfortable now!


    1. Oh good luck!!! It is overwhelming, but you’ve got it! 🙂

  3. I’m not sure how old this post is…. but how much juice does each recipe yield and do you recommend any combinations of juices to drink in one day. I am planning to do a 3 day fast and wanted to plan them out and create a shopping list.
    Thank you.

    1. I’d say any combo that you want. 🙂 I often combine a few (one for breakfast, one for a snack, etc…)

  4. Wow! amazing juice recipe. I really love this recipe. Thanks for sharing such an awesome recipe.