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Kids love being creative and often we forget that we can recycle and re-purpose items we already own to create fun recycled crafts for kids.   With a little creativity, you can create some unique and fun crafts together with your little ones.

Here are 25 creative and unique crafts you can do with your kids using items you already have in your home.

Recycled Crafts

I really want our kids to understand the importance of recycling…  and to understand what can and can’t be recycled.


Simple things like re-using a shampoo bottle as a vase is an easy way to recycle. ♥

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Did you know that a 2016 consumer survey on in-home recycling habits, conducted in partnership with Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc., shows that 60% of parents would be more likely to discuss recycling with their children if it was an activity they could do together and they had more creative, engaging ways to explain the impact of recycling?  Pretty interesting!

25 Ideas for Recycled Crafts

1) Create a cute puzzle for your kids using craft sticks and old cards.

2) Something as simple as a gingerbread man mold can create fun with ice for kids to enjoy.

3) Use celery to create a beautiful flower painting.

4) How cute is this orange juice container turned into a bird feeder?!

5) Use a paper plate to make a cute wreath with your kids.

6) Broken crayons tend to constantly be in our home. What a great idea to turn these into a fun-shaped crayon.

7) An old formula or coffee can is the perfect container to create a letter bucket for learning.

8) Coffee filters make the perfect tool to create some adorable butterflies.

9) Tin cans make the perfect bug for kids to create.

10) Toilet paper rolls can create so many things- one is an octopus. Perfect craft for an ocean-themed week.

11) Have fun making an airplane using a toilet paper roll.

12) Use straws to create fun fireworks pictures.

13) An old egg carton makes the perfect ant for a little one to play with.

14) Use a milk jug to make a fun Easter bunny.

15) Make your own blocks using old baby food containers.

16) An oatmeal container and straws are perfect for creating a fine motor activity.

17) Reuse boxes to create a fun fort for little ones.

18) Painted newspaper hearts are so beautiful and perfect for the month of February.

19) Use plastic lids to make cute bug creations.

20) Use old jars or baby food jars to create glowing faux stained glass candle jars.

21) This milk jug craft caddy is such a cute way to re-use.  Use spoons to make a beautiful vase, too!

22) These recycled cardboard swords would be a huge hit in our home.

23) Use a toilet paper tube to make a heart-shaped stamp.

24) Make earth out of a coffee filter.

25) Throw odds & ends into a “craft container” and let your kids make whatever they want!

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  1. I LOVE these ideas. Crafts from just the amount of toilet paper rolls we end up having as a family of 6 could probably keep my kids entertained for a year!