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Summertime is always filled with a lot of backyard cookouts and grilling adventures as you try new recipes. We love eating a variety of meals so finding good recipes for grilling is always a must!

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1) Grilling corn is so simple and delicious when you use tin foil.

2) Veggies on the grill are simple and a favorite for everyone.

3) Pizza is always a family favorite and you can even make it on the grill!

4) Try jalapeno peach shrimp skewers for a new twist on seafood.

5) Potatoes on the grill is the perfect side dish.

6) Make baked potatoes on the grill with these tips.

7) Grilled Chicken Wraps are simple and a simple meal that can changed up depending on the marinade you use.

8) Try some tasty Teriyaki recipes for the grill and add in some rice for a filling meal.

9) Grilled Onions are a fun little twist on the grill!

10) These Balsamic Grilled Steak Rolls look so unique and tasty!

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11) Tacos with grilled salsa makes for a  perfect dinner.

12) Make slits in your chicken to help the marinade sink in deeper.

13) Kabobs are always tasty, especially when you add in bacon.

14) If you love salmon, you have to try this tasty recipe.

15) Try lettuce wraps with grilled chicken.

16) Make the perfect grilled asparagus.

17) Sandwiches are super simple and fast and even better on the grill.

18) This marinade for your flank steak will complete your meal!

19) Mozzarella Mushroom Burgers are a delicious way to enjoy a burger.

20) Spruce up your hot dogs with fun toppings.

21) Enjoy some grilled shrimp with a delicious cilantro sauce.

22) Grill a pork tenderloin to perfection with these simple tips.

23) Love fajitas? Try these Fajita Chicken Kabobs and you will love them!

24) Mix things up with yummy Parmesan Turkey burgers.

25) If you want something sweet, try grilled pineapple for the perfect sweet touch.

Do you have any favorite recipes for the grill?

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