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Oh how I love Netflix.  The best Netflix shows for kids are ones that I know they can watch without me hovering over them.   I love these shows because they offer a distraction to our kids on long road trips in the car and on long rides in the grocery shopping cart (our 2 & 4 year old will sit in the cart and watch a movie while I spend my hour getting groceries).  I am, however, very aware of what they are watching and I want to be on top of what is appropriate and educational for our kids.

best shows on netflix for kids

Here are my five favorite Netflix shows for our kids (ages 8, 7, 5, 2)


 1. Wild Kratts


Wild Kratts is my favorite kid show. I can’t tell you how much our child learns watching this show! He could easily teach a science class! haha! I never hear or see anything that I feel is inappropriate. I would suggest this one, as top of my list!

2. The Blue Planet (2001)


Our kids love documentaries because they are very interested in anything where they learn about history or science.  This is a great watch for curious, science-minded kids.


3. The Magic School Bus (1994-1997)


 What if, instead of regular field trips,  you could go to space, hang out with dinosaurs, and shrink down to the point where you were the same size as an insect?  Now you can!  If you take a ride in the Magic School Bus, you get to do just that!   I love this one for the education that it provides and our kids love it because it is funny!

4. Sesame Street (2006-2011)


I’m not sure that there is anything that I can say here that you aren’t already thinking.   It is funny, perfect for young kids and it is educational.   I’m sure you have seen it time and time again… and the characters appear everywhere (not just in the show, but stores, books, and in toy stores!)



5. Turtle: The Incredible Journey (2011)


My friend, Samantha, got us hooked on this movie!  I would trust her opinion any day of the week!   It is similar to  March of the Penguins.  Turtle reminds us just how incredible animals really are, how tough they have it, and how us human folk tend to make things even tougher.    This warm water tale chronicles the journey of a female loggerhead as she battles the odds to survive a trying 25-year trek from a Florida beach to Africa and back to lay her eggs that only one in ten thousand turtles survives.


5 netflix shows for kids




WHICH ONES CAN YOU ADD TO THE MIX?    Could you leave them in the comments?  I’m always open to suggestions!  Thanks!


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  1. These are great thanks.
    Dinosaur Train is a favourite at home. Also very educational, and fun.

    My daughter amazes me with the knowledge she has gained from the show.

    1. Oh- I know! Wild Kratts teaches our kids SO much- I love it as much as they do!

  2. we love all those shows too, but daniel tiger has been an invaluable learning show for our 20 mo old 3 1/2 yr old, they teach so many relevant lessons for toddlers and preschoolers. In fact, some of the lessons have been helpful for my husband and me as well, we always watch with our kids and so it has given us tools to use with our kids. Love Netflix!

  3. These are my favorites as well! Except we swap Sesame Street (they love it- I don’t) with Dinosaur Train.

    My daughter watched Strawberry Shortcake with her cousin and at first I was worried. I sat through an episode with her and I realized it honest had great lessons for a little girl who sometimes wants to feel like a “big girl”! They are great girls to look up to.

    Wild Kratts is my favorite show for them to watch! We try not to get them too hooked on any shows, so we switch it up a bit. You know that obsession with EVERY show- Sofia, Dora, Doc mcStuffins… We want to avoid that!

  4. Totally forgot to mention- these are my two favorite documentaries on netflix! I’m obsessed with documentaries and they’re pretty much all I watch. That and my love of Ocean animals- these really are perfect!

    Great choices 🙂

  5. I don’t know whether it’s on Netflix, but the BBC have a programme called Octonauts which my littlun loves. It’s basically marine biology packaged for four-year-olds. Brilliant show! And the old look-and-reads which you can get on Youtube – Through the Dragon’s Eye is our particular favourite 🙂

  6. My girlfriend teaches 1st grade. I need to show her this list. I’m sure her kids will love these when they have free days.