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Ok everyone here is Your Modern Family’s weekly Menu plan.  This is week Eight.  I asked on my Facebook page if you would be interested in seeing what we make for the week.  My goal is to post this every Monday, because we plan & for the week on Sundays (we go grocery shopping & meal prep for the week).

easy menu plan 8

MONDAY: MY MOM’S LASAGNA  (You can prep the night before)
My mom and my aunt both make really good lasagna.  (It is super easy!)
You need: Sauce, no-cook noodles, part. cheese, monz. cheese, ricotta cheese, ground meat.
Cover bottom of pan with sauce
Layer noodles on bottom.
Put a layer of all of the cheeses (mixed) – I don’t like ricotta, but Mickey does, so I put it on half and leave it off of the other half.
Layer noodles next
Add meat sauce (just cook you brown meat & add the sauce to it to make your own meat sauce)
Sprinkle cheese mixture again.
Layer of noodles
layer of meat Sauce
layer of Cheese
Cover with foil and bake at 350 for 35 minutes.
Set out to cook & thicken for 10 minutes.

 2 cups cooked & cut-up chicken breasts,  1 can cream of broccoli soup (condensed), 1/2 cup cheddar cheese, 1/2 sleeve crushed ritz crackers (or 2 T. breadcrumbs), 1 T butter (melted)

It is easy to make.  Just preheat the oven (350 degrees – I cook everything at 350.)
Cook your broccoli (you can boil it for 5 minutes with just enough water to cover the broccoli)
Put the cooked broccoli in a casserole dish.  Top with cooked chicken.
Sprinkle cheese on top.
Sprinkle crushed ritz crackers or breadcrumbs on top
Pour melted butter over this.
Bake for 20 min in oven or until it is bubbly.

This is Mickey’s recipe and he does it all himself.  I’m more of a “put cheese & sauce on a baked chicken breast” type of chicken parm girl, but he likes to do the whole thing (breadcrumbs, spices, etc…)
You can find his Chicken Parmesan Recipe here.

It is so simple!  You layer sweet potato chunks, then taco meat mixed with beans, then cheese then more sweet potatoes.    It is one of our favorites!

This picture does not do it justice.   Trust me – you should make this.  It is so good!

Serve with: Spanish Rice, Steamed Broccoli, Sliced Tomatoes

1 bag (2.5 to 3 lbs.) of frozen chicken breasts
1 foil package cream cheese (the kind that come in the rectangle foil pack)
1 large jar salsa (any size will do – the more that you put in, the more liquid you will have.)  I like to use more.
Place all ingredients in a crockpot and cook all day on low (6 hours).

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