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Creating joy in your home is all about making an effort to be HAPPY!   I am going to give you a few ‘moments of happiness’ today, from my life.    You can find happiness all around you… you just have to look for it. ♥

creating joy


Here are 10 ways for you to spread joy…

1- Enjoy the moment that you are in… happiness is contagious!
It is so important to put everything down and really relish at this moment.  Stop looking at the phone, your computer, your tablet and really soak in what is going on around you.  Be present.

A women and a boy standing in front of water.

2- Your kids will not be this little for long. Enjoy them!
I can’t tell you how fast this time has gone by.  Our oldest son is growing faster than I can keep up with, which means that the rest of them are doing the same.  Since we can’t stop time, we need to just enjoy it now.

A person standing in a body of water.

3- Stop and enjoy your favorite treat at any time of the day!
These are our very favorites and we make them at least once a month… the kids would be happy to have them daily, but I just can’t be trusted!! LOL.   A little slice of pie with Reddiwip, anyone?  Oh- or my favorite Dump Cake. 

4 ingredient Blueberry Dump Cake (so good!)

4- Find out what makes your kids smile and do it!
Maybe it’s swimming, maybe it’s baking, maybe it is taking a walk…  just do it!   I don’t get in the water, but I love to take pictures of the kids in the water.  It makes me smile to take the pictures and it makes them smile to swim!  A win-win.

A little girl in the lake water looking at the camera.

5- Be in a picture with your kids.
When they look back in 40 years, they will be so happy to see that you made it into the pictures, too.
I am the worst at this.  I have to ask Mickey “Will you take a picture of me?”   SO many times I am the only one behind the camera, so it’s fun to find pictures where the kids know that I was actually there, too! 😉

A woman and a little boy wearing sunglasses sitting on a boat.

6- Remember to hug & kiss your spouse in front of your kids, because one day they will remember YOUR marriage when they are in their own marriage.
Mickey and I hold hands, we hug, we kiss, we talk kindly, we make plans… all in front of the kids.  We want them to know what a healthy marriage looks like.   My parents do this and so does my brother and his wife.

A man and a woman smiling for the camera.

7- Stop worrying about the pointless little things and just enjoy THESE little things.
If you remember nothing else from this post, remember this – the little things that don’t matter… don’t matter.   Think of the big picture.  Your family, your life, those moments that pass you by.   Don’t sweat the small stuff or they will turn into the big stuff & the ‘real’ big stuff will go away.

Children looking at the water.

8- Spend time with the ones that matter. Everything else can wait.
I am so glad that I spent time with my grandmother because I miss her daily.   I want to spend every minute that I can with my family… they are the ones that matter.

A group of people standing in front of a barn  in the grass.

9- Take as many pictures as you can, but don’t forget to LIVE life… not just from behind the camera. Let other people take over while you just sit back & enjoy what is going on around you.

Two people standing on top of a grass covered field.


10- Take chances! Make mistakes! Spread the JOY to others!

Show others your happiness and it will spread!  If you want to see your family happy, you need to be happy first.   If you want to see your family smile, you need to smile.

Two kids jumping onto water.

In our busy chaotic world, people often overlook everyday opportunities to experience joy. There is joy all around us, we just have to take a moment to experience it.

We only have a few years to really be present in their lives.   Let’s spend these years wisely.
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stop yelling & the kids will start to LISTEN

secrets of a happy mom

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I’m Becky, a former elementary school teacher turned certified child development therapist and blogger. I work at home with my husband and together we are raising (and partially homeschooling) our four children in the Carolinas. I love diet coke, ice cream, and spending time with my family.

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  1. It is very happy to look at your happy and warm family. Every moments has documented y well. So inspiring~
    Visit our website for some information, thankyou

  2. Thanks for sharing such great ideas from your own experience. For so long i take my family for dinner at an restaurants and take my 1.5 year old into theme parks for joy. It feels so good see them happy. These ideas are just awesome ways for me to see their happy faces in future!

  3. Loved your post! Thanks for all the oh so easy and oh so hard pointers! I will remember to smile and be present more. I will do a few of the suggested works too … let them paint your nails. I suspect they would love it 🙂