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I was a teacher and let me tell you that the one way to help kids to learn is to MAKE IT FUN!   ABC Bingo and Sight Word bingo are easy ways to teach your kids their letters & words~ they think that they are playing a game & you know that you are teaching them.  Its a Win-Win in my book!

Our kids are 7, 5, 3 and 1.  The seven & five year old are doing sight words, so the sight word bingo is great for them.  Our 3 year old is still doing letter-bingo.   (I can easily do both at the same time, with all three of them).

For this game, I am using popcorn as our example. (You can change it by using any sort of food (fruit, candy) or prize (sticker, penny) that you want. I change ours with each game to make it fun and exciting.)   You can even use something from the children’s rewards system bag! 

An ABC Bingo paper with cut out letters.

To start, decide what you want to do.  
For this post, I will show you some pictures of our ABC bingo and beginners sight word bingo. I also have number bingo (1-20) that we play, as well.

When you decide what you want to do, make as many rows and columns as you want on your computer or paper.
Add the words and/or letters.

REMEMBER to make two copies- one for you to “pull” out of your baggie and one on their bingo sheet.

I bought a pack of laminating papers at Wal-mart and used them to laminate both. **

**Cut up your copy first, then lay them a few centimeters apart on your laminate sheet. This way they are laminated the whole way around your word & they won’t come apart when you cut them out.

A close up of text on a white background.


  • Just put your cards into a baggie or box or you could even just lay them in a pile upside-down.
  • Give your child a handful of raisins (or whatever you are using)
  • Call out one card (the letter or word).
  • Show them how to put their treat on the word or letter.
  • When they get them all filled in a row, let them eat it or take the prize.

HINT: For the first few weeks, I make sure to make it easy for them. I would look at what row I wanted them to get and then I would pull those cards out & lay them on top of my pile. When I pick those cards, they will be able to “win” their game quickly. This will get them engaged in the game & excited to play again!

You can make this harder as your child gets older, making new sight word cards or adding harder numbers. You could even do an addition bingo where you hold the answer (7) & they have the equation (2 + 5 =) on their paper.


Have fun!!   For more of my kid-friendly activities, click HERE. 

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