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Stocking Stuffers Your Kids Will Love!

Yesterday I heard that stores are already running out of the best toys for Christmas.  While I love finding meaningful gifts for YOUR parents & meaningful non-toy ideas, I also love to find creative gifts that the kids can laugh about, have fun with, and be surprised by…  My stocking stuffer list isn’t any different.

What is different is while kids rush to make a Christmas list every year, you can really find unexpected things for the stocking.  The stocking leaves lots of room for creativity. 🙂

stocking stuffers for kids
Really unique stocking stuffers are one of the most fun holiday traditions we share as a family for the holiday.   Today I’m sharing ideas & affiliate links to a few favorite stocking stuffers. 🙂

Stocking Stuffers for Kids

Yes, stocking stuffer ideas for our kids are always fun, but sometimes hard to come up with ‘out of the box’ ideas.  Especially year after year! If you are looking to be a little more creative than the basics (candy, toothbrushes, etc…) then I hope these ideas spark some creativity for you too!

Ps- Santa knows that we (Mickey & I) add a few things to the stockings every year, so if their little eyes happen to see these things in our closet (the gift hiding place) – it isn’t quite as big of a deal.

50 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Kids

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Kids

    1. Shaving Cream – your kids can use it to draw on the table or spray some in a baking dish and let them draw.
    2. Letters to each other.  Have your kids write why they love each other and let them fill each other’s stockings with these notes before they go to bed on Christmas eve.
    3. All-natural peppermint Chapstick
    4. Hair Brushes (I love our WetBrush)stocking stuffer ideas for kids
    5. Letter from Mom with the date that you wrote it.  After Christmas, put the note into a box and save it with your Christmas things.  Each year, pull the box out and read old letters with your kids.
    6. An Orange and a quarter (in the toe of the stocking – for good luck!)
    7. Awesome Chalk-Marker liquid pens!  
    8. LEGO mini set (less than $5)
    9. Pocket pal mini-Notebooks
    10. Gloves (12 pairs for $15 – love this for as often as we lose gloves!)
    11. Reindeer Bell (right off of Santa’s sleigh) with a note from Santa.91paTYhB0+L._SL1500_
    12. Child/Parent date-night certificates.   Have them in envelopes and each month, the child pulls out that corresponding envelope and gets to see what date was planned for them.
    13. Magazines for kids – we like National Geographic for Kids
    14. A great book
    15. Nail polish – love this set!
    16. Bath Crayons  (& even CLn body wash – it’s our favorite!)
    17. New water bottle (this one is awesome & holds up over time.)
    18. Flashlights on a rope
    19. Underwear
    20. Shark Socks
    21. Post-it notes
    22. Brain Quest Cards
    23. Jewelry kit
    24. Hair Chalk 
    25. Play Figurines 
    26. Travel mug
    27. adorable flavored Lip Glosses
    28. Ingredients for Peppermint Playdough and a note stating that ‘these are the things that you need to make playdough with your family.”
    29. Hot Wheels
    30. Applesauce Pouches (in lieu of candy)
    31. Color Bath Fizz Drops 
    32. Scratch-off notes 
    33. Wipe clean Learning Book
    34. Yo-Yo
    35. Movie tickets for the family
    36. Leg Warmers (get them free!)  (teens can wear them on their arms)
    37. One on One Time Calendar
    38. Super Bouncy Ball
    39. Juggle Bubbles
    40. mini-Markers
    41. Kid Jewelry
    42. Frozen Stationery Set
    43. Hipzbag 
    44. Glow sticks
    45. Sunglasses 
    46. mini Yoobi Highlighters 
    47. Yoobi Gel pens
    48. Amazon Gift Card with a note that says  “I’m sure you are going to see some awesome things that you wish you would have asked for, in the next few weeks, so save this gift card and use it to buy it for yourself.  Surprise!”
    49. Name Bubbles (perfect for backpacks, lunch boxes, jackets & more)
    50. Rubik’s cube


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  1. Items popular with my six kids over the years; Add to the list…
    Large unicorn lollipops
    Pocket Knives great for 10 and up
    Key chains
    Small LED flashlights
    Gift cards to Cold Stone Creamery
    funky socks

  2. I favour old fashioned toys , tin kaleidoscopes, mini wooden skittles, dominoes , rubber band powered boats, candle powered boats , wind up tin toys , wooden bird call , wooden acrobatic monkey . my son still treasures everyone of them

    1. Where did you get those at ????,,,,We happened to be at home goods and was checking out and their was this ole stuff I will say me and my husband I think bought it all then when we were doing the stocking we had the best conversation about the old days !!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Cracker Barrel and Field and Stream have great “olde” toy gifts. Lincoln logs, slinkeys, wooden planes etc. 😉 Call first. They don’t all carry same thing and sell out fast.

  3. My dad has always been in charge of stockings when I was kid and still now that I have my own kids. He has always put lottery scratch off tickets in our stockings. It’s always fun to see who comes out the big winner!

  4. I’m not sure if someone said it or not, but I always make sure to add a pack of Thank You cards.

  5. Hi. I read your blog from all the way over in the UK. I love these ideas. My friend and her husband bought her kids guinea pigs one year for Christmas. They all love them dearly. A lot of our stocking fillers are non toys. This year the kids are getting electric toothbrushes and snuggly “movie” blankets as part of their stocking.

  6. I always put new toothbrush and kid’s toothpaste in Christmas stocking and Easter basket. Santa and Easter Benny want them to brush!

  7. How about a water color set and paper or an activity book? or a scavenger hunt set up after they are in bed? We always got water colors and those chocolate gold foil covered coins with tooth brushes. How about a small game of jax or marbles (age appropriate) matchbox cars… I got my girls Monster matchbox trucks one year when they were about 4, they loved them. Play doh is often on the list too since they love that. Some great ideas everyone!

  8. I was feeling sleepy and your first stocking stuffer idea woke me up. I was like “shaving cream”?? Isn’t this blog post about stocking stuffers for kids? Then I saw how they can use it for drawing… that’s actually really creative. Nice list of ideas you have here.

    1. My kids made greeting cards and thank you notes with these. 1) spray foam liberally into a cookie/baking tray. 2) drop 1-4 drops of food coloring into the foam, as many colors as you’d like. 3) using the back of a spoon, swirl around the food color until a pretty pattern emerges. 4) take a blank note card, folded in half (or make one) and carefully dip one panel into the colored foam. 5) allow to dry several hours. 6) Have your kiddos write notes inside of cards.

  9. Every year the grandkids get a new Christmas tree ornament, sometimes homemade, sometimes purchased. I have taught my granddaughter to sew, lots of ideas there. Grandson is learning guitar so ordered some customized guitar picks.