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Do you love free samples from brands as much as I do?   If so, you’re in luck!  I’m going to share my HUGE master list of freebie websites right here.   I wrote a post about how to be a stay at home mom on one income and these free products certainly help to make staying home more affordable!

The list below is for the free-sample websites that either offer a full sized product, a “free plus shipping” product, or a trial sized sample.   Since the samples offered are free… any size works!  There are baby products, beauty products, birthday freebies, lots of free + shipping (great) deals, and free self-care products.

There are a lot of companies offering free samples when you shop online.  They want you to test their products and services hoping that you will share it on social media with your friends.   There are many freebie sites because these online stores want to win your business so you will shop online instead of at department stores.  They are willing to give away free stuff, gift cards, and more if you’ll simply sign up for their freebie!

I’m even giving away my own free book for you. 🙂

FREE PRODUCT SAMPLES (and many free full-sized products!) LISTED BELOW: 

If you’re ready for freebies… and if you love a great deal, this list is for you.  I organized them below.  The first 15 Samples are Free, but you pay the shipping.  They are also geared towards mothers (so any of them would make awesome gifts!)

The next 35 are more of the sample website (websites that share samples that are updated daily).   I hope that you find what you are looking for.   Let’s get started!

1. Eskimo Hats for Babies, Kids or Adults

These Eskimo Hats are adorable & they are free with shipping when you use the Promo Code YMF4 at checkout to get one free hat!  They make a great gift, too.  Find them at 

2. Five Pairs of Baby Leggings 

How adorable are these?!  You can find them for boys, girls or older kids.   I’ve seen them on the legs of infants, toddlers, and preschoolers.  (I’ve even seen them on older kids as sleeves.  ).
Put 5 pairs in your cart and when you use the code YMF5 at checkout, you will only be responsible for the shipping. Find all of the adorable styles at

3. Car Seat Canopy 

The car seat canopy has to be the best invention for babies!   I used ours when we were out in public, or when I wanted our kids to nap without distractions when we were shopping, or out to dinner and I used it for a blanket when they were chilly in their car seat.   You can get a free one (up to $50) at with code YMF4.

Ps- If you want one (like the NFL Carseat Canopies) that is MORE than $50, use the code YMF4 like a coupon.  It will take $50 off at checkout.)

4. Free Baby Sling (many varieties) 

When I had our first son, I didn’t know that slings were around, so I never used one and boy were my arms tired by the end of the day!  After receiving a sling as a gift for our second baby’s birth, I was hooked.  🙂 I used one for each baby thereafter.   They are great for multitasking, too!   You are hands-free. 🙂
You can use the code YMF4 at to buy a free sling.   Just enter the promo code YMF4 at checkout and you will only be responsible for the cost to ship it to you.

Free Sling with Promo Code YMF4 at checkout (only pay to ship) at

5. Pregnancy Pillow

I can’t thank the inventor of the Pregnancy Pillow enough.  This pillow saved my back & my sleep when I was pregnant!  It is so comfy that my friend used hers well after she had given birth. 🙂   You can use the promo code YMF4 to take off the cost of the Pregnancy Pillow (just pay to ship) when you checkout at 

6. Free Nursing Cover

I used my nursing cover all of the time.  It is great for nursing, pumping or even just covering the baby while he/she sleeps in public.  Use the Promo Code YMF4 at checkout to get the free nursing cover (you pay shipping) at

7. Nursing Pillow

A nursing pillow is great for both the breastfeeding mother as well as the mother feeding her baby with a bottle.  Either way, it is a great way to support your baby (and your arm).  Use the promo code YMF4 at checkout to get one nursing pillow for free (just pay shipping) at

8. Diaper Covers: ‘Ruffle Buns’ or ‘Stud Muffins’

Two babies sitting on the floor wearing Studmuffins diaper covers.

How adorable are these diaper covers?  You can get three pairs for free with the code YMF5.
Your first option is to order the RuffleBuns.  You can put 3 in your cart and it will be free when you use the code YMF5 at checkout (just pay shipping) at

Your second option is to score yourself three pairs of free “Stud Muffins.”   These adorable diaper covers come in a variety of prints & colors.   You can find them on the same website:   Use the same Promo Code at checkout, which is YMF5

9. Hooded Towels for babies, kids or adults

Find your favorite Hooded Towel to use after bathtime or after a dip in the pool.   You can get one for free at when you use the Promo Code YMF4 at checkout (just pay to ship).  There are so many adorable & fun options of towels on!

10. Two Custom Onesies

You can order TWO custom onesies for free (valued at $50) with the promo code YMF4.   These are so cute and I love that you can customize them with your favorite saying: “Birthday Boy” or “Little sister” or “One Month Old” or their name.   The sky (and your imagination) are the limit. 🙂  Just be sure to order your two onesies on & use the promo code YMF4 at checkout (you only have to pay shipping & handling).

11. Belly Bands

This was a life-saver for me when I was pregnant… and after I had our babies!  They make your pants last so much longer & they support your belly during your pregnancy.  When you shop at and use enter the promo code YMF4 at checkout, you will get two bands for free (just pay s&h).

12. Five Board Books

Books are the perfect gift for kids! has so many great board books for your family!   They are giving away five for free when you use the promo code YMF4 at checkout (just pay S&H) at

13. Two Pairs of Baby Shoes

Little Wanderers has so many adorable baby shoes!  Nautical Boat Shoes,  Sparkly slip-on shoes, peep-toe sandals, etc…   You can use the Promo Code YMF4 to get two pairs of shoes for free ($60 value!) when you check out at

Infant moccasins.

14. Three Custom Pacifiers

Out of our four kids, only one used a pacifier.  If I had known about these Custom Pacifiers, I would have had a ton! ♥   When you shop at you can use their design ideas or you can make up your own!
All of the pacifiers on the website are as cute as the next.  Use the Promo Code YMF4 at Custom Pacifier’s checkout page to score your three custom pacifiers for free ($30 value!).  You just pay shipping & handling.

A baby with a pacifier in her mouth.

15. Three Pairs of Hot Hips

These hot hips allow you to get another 1-6 inches out of your jeans, so you can make your jeans last longer during pregnancy… and get you can get back into them sooner after you deliver.  Plus, they button into your jeans, so they aren’t going to slip or ride up while you are wearing them. 🙂

Free HOT HIPS with Promo Code YMF4 checkout (only pay shipping)

My favorite part is that it just looks like a tank-top, so it’s like another layer that adds comfort & style to your look.  They have a lot of colors to pick from, so you’ll be sure to find what you are looking for when you shop at  – Use the Promo Code YMF4 to get three pairs for free ($60 value) 


Here’s a short-cut to help you find your favorite things! Click on the BUY NOW buttons below and you will be taken to the website where you can find your freebie! Enjoy!

 CarSeat CanopyBuy Now Eskimo Kids HatsBuy Now  Baby LeggingsBuy Now Baby & Toddler SlingBuy Now Pregnancy PillowBuy Now Nursing PillowBuy Now Nursing CoverBuy Now Hooded TowelBuy Now Custom OnesiesBuy Now Ruffle BunsBuy Now Baby BooksBuy Now Belly Button BandsBuy Now Custom PacifiersBuy Now Baby ShoesBuy Now Hot Hips Pants ExtensionHot Hips Pants Extension

⇓ Do you want more freebies? Check out more below. ⇓

15. iCoil 12 Foot Charger Extension

A green phone charger with accessories.

If you ever wish you had a long extension for your cell phone, this is what you need.   We use ours for long road trips, because it allows the charger to reach to the back of our van, so the kids can charge their electronics.
Use the Promo Code YMF4 at to get yours for free ($30 value).   The shipping & handling is a little more for this one, so I took advantage of their one-time-offer (on the “checkout page”) and added a second one for $10, so I could take full advantage of the deal while paying the shipping price. 


16. Free 30-Days of is a monthly membership website that helps kids learn to read through phonics, and teaches lessons in math, social studies, art, music, and much more.  It is great for kids ages 2-7.
With this link, you can try it free for 30 days.  This is so much fun and kids just love it.  Plus, they are learning, so it is a win-win.

Free Month of when you sign up with this link

17. Free Month of Adventure Academy

An text for free month of Adventure Academy showing characters on the site.

Adventure Academy is the next step after ABCmouse.  Adventure Academy is great for kids 8-13.
It is the new interactive learning program for kids from the creators of ABCmouse!  It gives elementary and middle school-age children an immersive, interactive learning adventure where they can explore a virtual world that keeps expanding while building their academic knowledge & skills.
Try Adventure Academy free for 30 days with this link. 

18.  Walmart Beauty Box  – Four times per year, you’ll receive an assortment of new beauty products and helpful tips – delivered right to your door.  Just pay $5 shipping (cancel at any time)

19).    FREE month of Audible (audiobooks).

20).  Free Paperback Book: Expert Secrets (just pay to have it shipped to you) This book changed my business!  Perfect for anyone wanting to start their own business online… it’s a game-changer)

Master List of Freebie Websites -Free Samples from Companies You Know

21). Enjoy 50 Free Prints from Shutterfly. (for new users)

22). Pillsbury – free coupons & samples

23. – This company sends things for you to review & share online (on social media).  In the past, I’ve received free full-size lotions, foot scrub, protein shake mix,  protein shake mix cup, makeup, and blueberry almonds.

24. – You can get free items by participating in reviews on the site.

25. – a list of freebie items


27. – they send you the things to have an awesome party & you share it afterward.




31. BuzzAgent – similar to Influencer.  You try the products & share your thoughts online.

32.  Check for freebies on Amazon/ 

33. Betty Crocker – FREE samples


35. Freebies4mom – she shares free sample deals or coupons



39- Free week of Royale on PicMonkey (if you edit your pictures, this is a great option.  I use this, too.)

40- NatureBox – free trial

41.  Daily Free Sample on AllYou.   Every day they post a new sample (shampoo, etc…).

42- FREE birthday Icecream- Sign up at Friendlys, Baskin Robbins (birthday club) & DQ to get a free birthday ice cream.

43- – they share the newest freebies, coupons & samples.

44. Snag  – She lists freebies that you can get every day.

45. I crave  This website shares the game downloads, coupons & samples.

46-  FREE online pizza making class. 

47- FREE embroidery patterns from Craftsy

48- Free knitting & photography classes & more!

49- Free Sewing Patterns & classes at Craftsy 

40- Potty Training Coloring Book

I hope that this list was helpful to you!

PLEASE SHARE YOUR FREEBIE WEBSITES in the comments section- I know that our readers love to read the comments, so they would appreciate it, as would I!

Do you want more ideas?
Check out my book: 
You can be a stay at home mom

Or check out this post: 
places to eat for free on your birthday


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  1. Wow! Thank you for all of the resources. I just subscribed and I can’t wait to see what else you have. Do you mind if I share your site with my visitors?


  2. Hi, I’m just wondering if the different sites would combine items to save on postage, do you know? I’m in Australia and thought that, seeing as though the sites are all formatted the same, they might be linked with each other? Thanks, Melisse

    1. I don’t think so, but that would be awesome! (I ordered all of them for myself, but they came in different boxes, etc…) Sorry.

  3. Wow! All of these things are free? I’ve never seen whole websites dedicated to one product and the code is always the same?

    1. haha! Yep. 🙂 Just pay shipping for most of them. 🙂 Happy shopping!

  4. I tried ordering the nursing pillow and entered the code and it showed the discount. When I put in my CC info to pay for shipping, it said my order couldn’t be processed because there were no items in my cart. I gave it a couple of tries before giving up. Any ideas?

    1. Hmm- I would try again today. It might just be a glitch in their system from yesterday. Let me know b/c I’ll try it if you can’t get it.

  5. How do I get the sample box on influencer? I signed up and I can’t seem to figure out how to get it. Thanks

    1. Hi Calina! I’m on influenster as well, and it depends on your social reach to get their sample box called “VoxBox.” Keep on reviewing products on their website, and increasing your social reach score, in addition to getting “badges” from the site. Based on what your interests are, they’ll start grouping you in on types of sample boxes they feel would be a good fit for you. Complete their “snaps” as well because those are their surveys to gauge if you fit in for their next box. It took me a few months to get my first box. Hope that helps and good luck! 🙂

      1. Thanks. I used to do those a few years ago – I haven’t done one in a while (probably over 2 years!) but I’ll have to look into them again. 😉

  6. Hi there! I tried the car seat canopy, pillow, leggings and breast pad websites and none of the websites load after Iclick shop now 🙁

    1. Hmm… I went back in & wrote the links in there so you could copy and paste it into your browser. That might help? Then just use the coupon code YMF4

  7. Wow! I must have been living in mars for not to have heard of you and this your awesome blog! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  8. Great list! I’ll be sure to check out your ebook and a few of these links! With freebies you never know when something is going to change but this list seems like things that will be around for a long time.

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