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Life as a mom is a beautiful gift but it also can tend to fill your life with overwhelm. No matter how hard we try, chaos happens and in enters the overwhelming feel of stress. However, there are some practical things that you can do to reduce the overwhelm in your life.

1 As simple as it sounds, sometimes we just need to ask for help. You don’t have to be supermom anymore. 

2 Feeling like your schedule is overwhelming? Plan in regular periods of rest for your family.

3 Take regular time for yourselves- when we are constantly caring for others we can feel drained.  Here are 10 secrets to a happy mom. 

4 Think ahead … you need to prep for your day the night before.  I also do these 4 things every morning and it gets my day started on the right foot. 

5 Get outside and do something. Go on a walk.  Take a job.  Go to yoga.  Join a gym.  You’ll feel better.  Moving releases endorphines and makes you feel better. 

6 Create regular cleaning routines to help reduce overwhelm.

7 Know that you are not alone, and you can have hope.

8 Find a group of moms who you can connect and celebrate life with.

9 Let go of seeking perfection in everything and choose to embrace the imperfections.

10 Learn to manage the never ending list of to do’s without overwhelm.

11 Are you doing everything for your kids? That can quickly create overwhelm- stop doing everything for them!

12 Saying yes to everything may be what is creating overwhelm- do less and create more focus.  Create a to-do list and do one thing at a time. 

13 Sit down and make a list of the things that are overwhelming your mind. Getting things onto paper can help you organize your thoughts.

14 If you feel like you never have enough time, consider tracking your time over a course of time.

15 Sit down and figure out what your plan is for the future, it will help you have a game plan and feel less overwhelmed.

16 Keep your marriage as a priority– over everything else- you can be partners in the chaos.

17 Perhaps you need to declutter your life some.

18 Take a deep breath, and count out what you are grateful for.

19 Create regular routines in your life.

20 There is no shame in feeling overwhelmed- take comfort in knowing you will get through this.

21 Stop trying to do everything:Mothers may suffer the most from the busy trap, because they spend more time caring for the house and kids. According to the Department of Labor’s most recent Time Use Survey, among adults with kids under age 6, women spent 1.1 hours on bathing and feeding a child every day, compared to 26 minutes for men. Mothers also had 48 fewer minutes of leisure time every day.

Dr. Richard Larson is a researcher at Massachusetts Institute of Technology who studies the psychology of waiting in line. He’s found that “occupied time” — those busy hours of dashing from soccer practice to ballet, for example — passes more quickly for most people than “unoccupied time.” Though it’s outside the scope of his research, he personally believes that children need to experience decision-making during unstructured time for their own personal growth and development. “So many Americans want to occupy every minute,” he says. “But I remember the wonderful joy of childhood during those endless summers.  Some parents go to what might seem like extreme measures to the hyper-busy set, instituting a quiet or nap period every weekend for the whole family. “


22 Take time to exercise- try a 30 day challenge as it will help you alleviate stress.

23 Prioritize what actually needs to be done versus what you want to get done.

24 Learn how to choose joy even when you are feeling overwhelmed.

25 Determine a list of what is priority in your current season of life and what is not.

What would you add to help reduce overwhelm in your life?

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