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It is so important to clean your house and this room by room cleaning schedule will help.   First, de-clutter the rooms and then go back and clean them!

room by room cleaning schedule
It can be hard to remember when to clean what room, how often to clean it, and when to really give it a deep cleaning.  I used to be really great about following a schedule and then school came back around, sports started back up and I was pulled in 10 different directions.

This little room by room cleaning guide will help you (and me) to remember when to clean which rooms, how often, and what to do in there.   Remember to get your kids involved in the household chores and if you are doing it all alone, you need to STOP doing that for your kids!

I hope that it is helpful! 

Room-by-Room Cleaning ScheduleCleaning Schedule -room by room

It is scientifically proven that one of the major causes of stress is the messy household. Ok, this may be quite exaggerated, but we’ve all been there.

To avoid the giant pile of clutter and the tons of other dirty stuff the best strategy is to prioritise your tasks. Most importantly go by the motto “There is no better time than right now.”  So here are the things you need to do first and the ones that can wait a bit.


The Kitchen

High importance:
Sinks and drains should not be a subject of procrastination. These are the places with the highest concentration of microorganism so you should take care of them every day.

Clean any spills on your refrigerator immediately, as well as dirty stains while cooking.

Don’t let them dry out because this will make them difficult to remove later. In this way you will save yourself some extra effort.

Wipe or vacuum the floor weekly, but if you have any pets it is advisable to do it twice a week.

Dusting off your kitchen shelves should also become a routine.

Medium importance:
Probably, you don’t know that more than half of the washing machines are contaminated with bacteria. The major sources are kitchen towels that are the perfect environment for the microorganisms’ development. Therefore, it is a good idea to clean your washing machine after doing some whites.

Go through your cupboards every month to make sure all of the food is up to date. In this way you will prevent the appearance of insects and other irritants. Clean the glass jars, disposable containers and condiment packages.

The same sanitising time period is applicable for your dishwasher.

Can wait:
Since the self- cleaning oven exists only in our bravest dreams, it is good from time to time to de-stain it. Do it every six months.
As for your pots and pans, clean the bottoms three times a year.

living room

The Living Room

High importance:
Carpets and rugs collect a lot of dust, so you should vacuum them weekly.

Medium importance:
Rinse the furniture biweekly or if possible even more often. One of the major bacteria collectors in your house are remote controls and keyboards. Take some time and diligently rip off the dirt.

Can wait:
Your uphoholstery doesn’t require regular care. Twice a year is completely enough. Try to wipe your windows every six months.


The Bed Room

High importance:
De- clutter when possible. Develop a habit of putting your clothes back to the wardrobe. Don’t set a specific time, just do it on the go.

Medium importance:
Wash your sheets and covers once a week to get rid of the sweat, dust and everything else that can build up on your sheets. You can prolong the period for the duvet and blankets from one to six months.

Can wait:
Wash your pillows two or three times a year. Studies show that one of the major sources of allergies are different spices of fungi that develop on your cushions. The same principle applies for your mattress.


The Bathroom

High importance:
The sink! We already mentioned it, but it bears repeating. Add to your daily routine mopping the bathroom floor, in order to reduce the humidity that can cause the evolvement of mildew.

Medium importance:
It’s necessary to wash your showers and tubs to prevent mould from growing. We can all agree that sanitizing your toilet is not the most appealing activity. However, you should make it at least once a week.

Can wait:
Every once in a while inspect and de-stain your bathroom tiles and grouts. You can use steam cleaners, spray and or green solutions made out of water and vinegar.

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room by room cleaning schedule
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Do you want more tips?

And you have to get your kids involved and STOP DOING THAT FOR YOUR KIDS! 
stop doing that for your kids


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  1. I absolutely love this post, it make my life so much easier to a guide of how to tackle cleaning 🙂

  2. Is there a printable list? A list makes it easier to locate the information needed in a timely manner. Thank you!

  3. It’s so funny that I find this post today because Monday I wrote about how impossible it is to keep my house clean with a needy toddler hanging onto my heels all day. Breaking it down by sections and in order of importance just makes so much sense!

  4. That’s exactly what I do I have a routine and a method to my. Madness I live with 6 other family members my daughter son in law and 4 of my grandchildren that ranges from 9 to 20 the oldest are girls and very lazy and hates to clean I work on the weekends as a housekeeper and home during the week so on Mondays I do all the laundry and wipe everything down mop the floors in the middle of the week and so on So on but I take the kitchen first mop pull the stove out wipe the boarders and walls and cabinet s then the next day I do the living room mop wipe furniture down walls and borders then the bed rooms. So every day of the week I get rooms done.and it works out great you are not over whelmed. But sometimes I get so aggravated cause the family just dirty up everything you just cleaned.