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Spring is in the air, and it is the time of the year that everyone is starting to think about spring cleaning and decluttering. There are so many resources for spring cleaning (like our free Spring Cleaning Checklist), so we decided to collect some of our favorite tips and tools to share with you.

spring cleaning tricks

(1)  Start by decluttering everything.   Here is a guide to decluttering & organizing your home. 

(2) Letting the light shine into your home can help with spring cleaning. ¬†Open the windows, clean them, and you’ll be amazed at how they freshen up your home’s look.

(3) Spring cleaning is the perfect time to clean your bedroom closet.¬† ¬†Don’t be afraid to dive right in and just start getting rid of stuff. ¬†Take two garbage bags and use one to throw stuff away and the other for donations.

(4) Save money by making some of your DIY cleaners for spring cleaning.

(5)¬†Remember that clutter causes stress (it’s proven)
when clutter is weighing you down

(6) Start your cleaning with a list of chores you can cross off when you get into the cleaning mode.  Let your kids help with these age-appropriate chores. 

(7) Remember to spring clean your makeup brushes.  At least once a month, dip your makeup brushes in warm, soapy water (I just use shampoo), Rinse them, and then blot them on a towel.   Dry them gently with a blow dryer if you need them right away.  If not, let them air-dry.

(8)   Put your hairbrushes, combs, and (plastic) toys in the dishwasher.   It will clean and sanitize them quickly.

(9) Spring clean your washing machine by running a load of just vinegar.  We do this every month.    Vinegar and hot water on a quick cycle.

(10) Do not forget to clean the kitchen appliances.

(11) Cleaning the walls of your house is still a way to make things look so much better.  We even clean the siding on our back porch Рit makes such a difference!

(12) Focus on one area of your home a week to spread out the cleaning work.  (Use this room-by-room cleaning guide!)

(13) Clean your blinds quickly with this tool!

(14) These spring cleaning tasks can be done in a very short amount of time.

(15) Keep your cleaning supplies organized with this.  I love it!

(16) Start cleaning just one room daily to be more efficient.  This is what I do in my book, Freed From Clutter. 

(17) When cleaning your windows, make sure and clean out the window tracks.  (this has great reviews!)

(18) Clean out your home with one simple task a day.   Set yourself up for one a day.  Start with the refrigerator. 

(19) Toys can easily overwhelm a home, causing clutter and mess. Take time to clean these out during spring cleaning.    When you get them decluttered, you can hide the rest in perfect little toy boxes that look like furniture!
hide toys in the living room

(20) As you clean, work on decluttering so you can get rid of the excess.

(21) Do not forget to clean off those baseboards.  It is so easy!  Just grab a dryer sheet, and it attracts the dirt for you!

(22) Clean your dishwasher by running another load of vinegar.

(23) Set aside some time to clean out your car.

(24) Clean room by room with these complete tips.

(25) Cleaning your house is an ongoing task!   You will do great if you just stay on top of it.  Set up a schedule where you pick when to do which tasks.  Here is my list of daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning tasks. 



clean house happy kids

cleaning tips for the busy mom (to get it done sooner!)

let go of clutter

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